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Know the Objectives of Accounting as Science and Art Homework Answers

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

You are never alone when you are doing accounting. You have debit and credit with you. You have the creative skills like an art student. With rules and principles, accounting turns to a science genre. Based on such objectives are where students of today are given an accounting as science and art homework answers of which ought to be right. Let me take you on a roller coaster ride of accounting as science and art, how differently same are they?

Accounting- A science and an art!

  • Although we cannot really say, accounting is a definite science. But what we can say is, it does relate to science. When we talk about science, we essentially mean that there is a relationship with its happening. Remember Newton’s law- every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And many such laws. There is a similar law in accounting which states- every debit has a corresponding credit.
  • Studies say accounting as an art. It means that accounting subject takes the creative aspect of the art genre. Art states the way certain skills need to perform. Accounting does the similar function. Accounting is a systematic study with definite techniques put to perform to get desired financial results.

What kind of accounting as science and art homework do students get?

  • Students are expected to understand the objectives of learning accounting. There are innumerable home assignments given based on these theories. Just to name a few, topics like-
  • Nature and amount of expenses, possible losses, actual losses
  • Nature and value of assets, liabilities, capital owned
  • Amounts due to the business, to be paid to the government.
  • Interpretation of financial statements.
  • Maintenance of journal entries.
  • Maintenance of cash book.
  • Recording of ledger accounts.
  • Find out net profit or net loss.
  • Cost Analysis
  • Taxation
  • Detection of errors and rectifying them.

These were simply handful topics to talk on.

Students in need of accounting as science and art homework answers

  • Accounting is the base subject for any commerce student. It has many branches such as Managerial accounting, financial accounting, and each differing from the other. Meaning the treatment to what you can do for managerial accounting may not work for financial accounting. Imagine the plight of students when they are asked to give submissions with such deep thinking case studies.
  • Students find it extremely difficult to cope up with the classroom studies, coaching classes, home assignments, projects, viva and so on. In a situation like this, it is imperative that they seek help of some expertise.
  • Unless and until a proper foundation of the accounting objects is built in, it is tough to get accuracy on this subject.
  • With expert help, home assignments with regards to-
  1. Ratio analysis
  2. Managerial accounting.
  3. Cost accounting- activity based costing, cost allocation
  4. Variance analysis- Material Price Variance
  5. Cost volume profit analysis
  6. Weighted Average inventory

All the topics covered become easy to work on.

Let us understand how students can seek help from experts with this regard!

Help for students:

  • Apart from tuition classes, mass classes, private tutors, a kind of help that has appealed most of the pupil is the online homework service provider.
  • It has been found extremely beneficial for them.
  • It is easy to approach.
  • 356 days help.
  • Improved results.
  • Timely submissions
  • Originality in the solutions
  • Error-free answers
  • They are referenced answers, so cannot go wrong with its authenticity
  • Summarized reports and explanation of the answers
  • Any topic on accounting as science and art homework answers you ought to receive.

You might have questions in your mind as- who are these online homework answers service providers? To answer your query, certain details should be clarified.

Details regarding online help services:

  • Well, nothing to worry on. They are registered body to help students get their answers related to the problem area subjects.
  • The experts who render services are all masters at accounting. The entire team comprises of working accounting professionals, professors, analysts, teachers who have had many years of experience. They are people who have worked with the education boards.
  • When it comes to the objectives of accounting as science and art homework answers for them is no big deal. Therefore be it-
  1. Problems on depreciation
  2. Trial Balance questions
  3. Questions based on GAAP US Accounting Standards
  4. Case studies on IFRS International Accounting Standards Board
  5. Management Accounting Tactical with regards to decision making
  6. International Accounting- be it Development or classification
  7. Job costing

Therefore, what do you think could be the objectives of accounting as science and art homework answers?

Primary objectives of online services:

The reason of giving such home assignments is practice. More the pupil practice and experience case studies, better is the outcome.

  • Makes student vigilant about the arithmetic accuracy of the books of accounts.
  • They get firsthand experience on budgeting
  • With home assignments, students become a pro with cash flow and its analysis.
  • Managing transactions under LIFO and FIFO methods
  • Well drafted financial statements
  • With ongoing assignments importance of income statement, statement of retained earnings, balance sheet and statement of cash flows are well known.
  • When more practice on accounting principles, students automatically learn how to formulate policies for controlling cost, how to prepare quotations,
  • Reconciliation of statements and so on

So basically you see such homework is given for the betterment of the students. But with time scheduled, long lecture hours, finding time to do homework can become a burden for the students.

Many of the graduating scholars find it tough to cope up with the tight schedule. There is immense amount of competition. Good grades, good marks all lead to a good university and campus interviews. This is why even on submissions, there are grades.

Every student wishes to outperform in this. I think it is best to seek help and finish of the task before time. This will give time to devote to the other subjects as well.

Now that the trend of online homework service providers we have talked about, I shall also let you know what you can do about it.

How to search the best?

  • Firstly, go to your search engine and type accounting as science and art homework answers.
  • You will see there are innumerable sites.
  • Also look for the latest updated ones.
  • After checking the reliability of the site, register yourself.
  • Upload your home assignment questions with your deadlines
  • You can continue doing your other studies while your home assignments are ready within the time.

What is interesting is, with a help such as this, you can access them any time of the day. You can ask for any number of submissions on any topic. There is a scope for online tutoring as well.

It is better that students learning experience on accounting remain a happy one, a fruitful one.  We do not need grumpy financial analysts, do we?