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Know About the Origin of Transaction Homework Answers

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

Accountancy is a subject that includes not only massive calculations but also involves various factors such as tax, revenue, profit, savings, etc. “Transaction” is the very first element of accounting. The transaction is the very first element of accounting, and the duty of an accountant is to record every transaction accurately.

So what are transactions?

Any business activity that has a financial impact and needs to be recorded in the books of account is a transaction. In simple words, it can be described as an exchange of something between two parties.

Let us understand with a simple example.

Suppose you visit a stationery store to buy some pens. The shopkeeper gives you the pens, and in exchange, you pay him cash. Thus, this is a transaction. However, all business transactions are not done on a cash basis; some are done on credit as well. Large business organizations engage in credit transactions as it involves bulk orders.

Therefore, in order for an activity/event to be termed as a transaction, it should have the following features;

  • A transaction must involve two parties,
  • The activity must be measurable in monetary terms,
  • A transfer of goods or service must take place,
  • The event must make a change in the financial account of the business.

Every accounting student has a fair idea of all the accounting concepts and principles, but very few have an idea relating to the origin of the transaction. With Origin of Transaction Homework Answers, you will be able to understand the very first step of the accounting process and how it helps all other stages of the accounting procedures.

Understanding origin of transaction better

Accounting starts with the origin of transaction and these business transactions make their way in the book of accounts.  Every monetary transaction is followed by receipts, memos or bills, i.e., a record that proves that “give and take” has taken place. These documents are known as vouchers or source documents. Thus with every business transaction, there is a debit and a credit aspect. Thus, in simple terms, what goes is credit and what comes is debit.

Importance of source documents and vouchers in origin of transaction

Any document that provides evidence of a transaction is a source document. It is the first record of a business transaction which allows recording of entries in the double entry system. A cash memo that shows cash sales made by a business, invoice that shows goods sold on credit, debit notes, bills, etc., are all examples of source documents. Every organization is required to maintain the accounting documents properly. This helps to records all the accounting transactions accurately while preparing accounting statements and reports.

Why students need help with Origin of Transaction Homework Answers?

All the source documents are evidence of a business transaction and impact every accounting decision. They provide primary information relating to the transactions that have taken place between a business entity and other parties. Many small expenses do not have documentary evidence which may impact the balance sheet in the long run. For such small expenses (petty expenses), vouchers are prepared and numbered separately and later recorded in the books of accounts.

Transactions happen before the preparation of any accounting statement. Many students believe journal entries are the initial stage of an accounting process. They are not aware that business transactions have a huge role in the preparation of accounting statements. Therefore, with the help of Origin of Transaction Homework Answers, you become acquainted with the process. You will understand how business transactions provide the data necessary to prepare accounting statements.

What can you learn from Origin of Transaction Homework Answers?

These documents and vouchers are prepared by every business organization that deals with purchase and selling of goods and services. It is necessary to maintain the origin of transaction documents because they have a significant impact while preparing financial statements. Therefore, with the help of Origin of Transaction Homework Answers, you will learn the following:

  • What are the different types of documents and vouchers?
  • How these documents provide evidence to the origin of transactions?
  • Why is it necessary to record transactions in the books of accounts?
  • What impact do the monetary transactions have on a business entity?
  • How debit and credit rules affect the recording of transactions?

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Learning from experts

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