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Kirchhoff’s Law was created by Gustav Kirchhoff in order to explain both voltage as well as current in a circuit. It also explains some very complex circuits that cannot be abridged to equal resistances by making use of parallel resistors and series.

This theory states that the total sum of currents entering the junction should equal the number of currents leaving it. Circuit never makes use of current. So it is quite obvious that whatever current goes into junction should be able to come out of it. This law also states that the total of the voltage that is there around or inside the closed loop should be zero.

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Principles of Kirchhoff’s Law

There are two main principles voltage and current that can be applied to networks as well as circuits.

  • The total amount of current that flows into DC circuit node called branch point is always equal to the current that comes out of the node. For example, if you consider a, b, c and d as four current carrying conductors leading to the node that is represented by a black dot and two conductors referred to as e and f as current that is coming out of conductors then you will see that direct currents that are parallel to each other will always be added arithmetically.

So total current that is flowing into the node is a+b+c+d and total current that comes out of node is e+f. According to the first law all these currents should be equal.

  • The second law of Kirchhoff deals with voltage. For example, voltage, A is normally connected to a circuit that has a total of 5 passive components. These voltages that are there across these components are added together because they are all connected in one series. The amount of voltage present in the circuits has to be equal as well as opposite to the source of voltage. So if you add up the differences of voltage present in all circuit elements including its source it will always be zero.

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The importance of these laws

Both laws are used to find out voltages as well as currents of each of these circuits. According to Kirchhoff’s Law of Voltage states that average sum of voltage rise and voltage drop should be zero. If you face any problems with the assignments then you can surely get in touch with our agency for getting Kirchhoff’s Law homework answers.

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