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The study of motion of different things without taking into consideration the forces that cause those motions are referred to as Kinematics. The object movements are broken down into various components known as rotational motion and translational motion. This is a subject that is directly related to dynamics. For example if you are trying to find out the linear velocity of a piston connected to a flywheel that moves at its own speed then you have to make use of  trigonometry.

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How is Kinematics measured?

Distance and displacements

There are different ways by which Kinematics can be measured. Distance is the measurement of distance between two points. There are certain measurements that do not include any direction and this is referred to as scalars. When overall position of an object is changed then it is referred to as displacement.

The ending position of an object is compared to starting position of an object that is referred to as distance. There are certain measurements that include direction and this is referred to as vectors.

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Velocity and Speed

Just as distance and displacements, even speed and velocity are connected to each other. Speed like distance is a scalar quantity and velocity is similar to displacement and is a vector quantity. Speed can be calculated by making use distance because both of them are scalars.

Again velocity can be calculated by making use of displacement because both of them are vectors. For example when you are travelling on a highway you often come across signboards that depict speed per km.

This means that you can cover a maximum distance of x meters in an hour. In case you drive distance in less than an hour, it means that your speed limit is higher which can result in a ticket from police. Every car comes with a speedometer and you are therefore able to understand if you are driving at a proper speed.

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Changing velocity is referred to as acceleration. For example when we drive a car we do not always move at the same speed. We travel at a higher speed when we are on highways and stop during signals. The speed therefore is constantly changing.

Acceleration=Change in velocity/change in time

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