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The students who are dealing with the subject of accountancy may have a bit of a problem with the topic of Just-In Time Inventory/Production. This is because; this subject has a lot of sub-topics which are different from one other and thus can get confusing. If you are also struggling with this subject and need a proper guidance, then look no further, as we at myhomeworkhelp.com is here to guide you along the way. We have assigned a team of expert on this topic which we call Production Assignment Help team.

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About Just-In Time Inventory/Production
The concept of Just-In Time Inventory can be explained as a system of management in which products or materials are acquired or produced only as per the demand. The reason for the use of this concept in the business world is there as it helps to avoid such a situation where there is an excess of inventory in comparison to the demand which result in a burden for the organization involved in the production. So, as a result of proper application of this management system there will be no need for storage and extra management cost for the excess amount produced which will be kept as inventory.

Some of the basic elements of Just-In Time Inventory are as follows:

  • Supplier Networks
  • Flexible Resources
  • Total productive maintenance
  • Cellular layout
  • Quality at the source
  • Pull Production System
  • Quick Setups
  • Small lot production
  • Kanban production control, and also
  • Uniform Production

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