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Objective of JIT production

Let us learn about the objective of JIT production from the experts of JIT in service industries homework help. The objective of JIT system is to encourage workforce so that they participate in programs, which leads to work improvement. The aim is to increase profits through cost reduction, inventory reductions, and quality improvements. Overall waste should be eliminated.

Features of JIT in service industries

JIT production is applied to the production of services. The focus remains on making process of manufacturing and production better and helps manufacturers and service providers. Some of the features of JIT in service industries have been discussed below by experts of JIT in service industries homework help:

  • Maintaining a high quality in products:

Deployment of quality function is used successfully in operations of services.

  • Uniformity in facilitating loads:

Reservation and differential pricing are the two ways employed by which service providers can provide uniformity in the facilitation of loads.

  • Maintaining a standard in the work methods: 

Efficiency in an organization is obtained by doing a thorough analysis of the methods employed in work and by bringing standardized improvements.

  • Closing supplier ties:

There are ample examples of volume services which require supplier contacts in order to ensure that there is a short lead time and shipments of suppliers are of high quality.

  • Flexibility of work force:

A customized service needs a multi-skilled work force. The employees have jobs which are narrowly defined. It is because of the repetitive and mundane nature of the works which they need to perform, and hence they do not have to gain additional skills.

  • Automation: 

Automation plays an important role when it comes to provision of just-in-time services. Let us take an example.  ATMs are provided by banks, which provide various bank services on demand 24×7.

  • Prevention and maintenance:

Machinery dependent services can use the services of prevention and maintenance.

  • Focus on products: 

Managers organize their employees in such a way that they are able to maintain uniformity in the system and eliminate the wastage of time.

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