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Japanese culture has evolved over several millennia, from the prehistoric age till the modern time. This culture is a splendid amalgam of Asian, European and North American culture. There is strong impact of Chinese culture within the traditional culture of Japan. China being the powerhouse of the area of Asia, their culture got into Japan, by cultural exchanges with China. Although the Japanese cultured is known face isolation from the rest of the world during a big part of their history.

Some important point that could be useful as the Japanese culture assignment help are:

Language of Japanese culture:

The most primary and official language of Japan is Japanese. The language Japanese is equipped with a unique pitch and accent system. The earliest trace of Japanese language was documented at 252 AD. This language is a combination three scripts: Hiragana (adapted from Chinese script called cursive), Katakana (a shorthand adapted from Chinese characters) and then finally Kanji also from China.

The use of alphabet is unique in Japanese, that including Latin, Hindu-Arabic and the traditional Sino-Japanese numerals.

Japanese Literature:

Literature of Japan is again highly impacted by Chinese. Among others through the spread of Buddhism Indian literature also has an influence on Japanese literature.

Even though Japanese developed as a different and unique entity with very powerful Japanese writers. Since Japan opened for western world for trading purposes, eastern and western culture got blended and till now it is like that.

Japanese Sculptures:

Sculptures of Japan are also highly influenced by Buddhism. Picture of Tathagata, Bodhisattva have high influence on their sculpture. One of the oldest sculpture is Amitabha. Often time Japanese government make statues of Buddha to increase the prestige of their culture and religion. Wood is the most used material for sculpturing, but metals like Bronze and then stone is also used to make sculptures.

Japanese Religion:

  • Two types of religions are practiced in Japan: Shintoism and Buddhism
  • Shintoism is the ethnic traditional religion. Whereas Buddhism came to Japan from India.
  • These kinds of facts could always be critical as the Japanese culture homework help.

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