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The Japanese Association of Management Accounting is an organization which was founded in 1991. This organization was dedicated to promote and practice management accounting. It is an interesting topic which is discussed in details in our Japanese accounting and management homework help solutions

Objectives of JAMA:

Japanese association of management accounting provides different services to its members. There are 800 members in JAMA.

  • Journal of management accounting
  • Annual meetings
  • Research seminars
  • Accounting books
  • Forums

Relationship between Accounting and Management:

When management and accounting go hand in hand the combination of these two fields is called management accounting. Management accounting is a practice through which managers use accounting information to inform thembefore taking any decision. According to AICPA, there are 3 areas of doing management accounting.

  1. Strategic management:

It advances the function of management accountant as the strategic partner in a company.

  1. Performance management:

It develops the practice of business decision making and manages the performance of the organization.

  1. Risk management:

It contributes to practices of identifying, managing, measuring and reporting risks the achievement of the goals of an organization.

What are the Differences between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting?

There are many differences between them.

  • Financial accounting information is historical. One the other hand, management accounting information is forward looking.
  • While public regulators, shareholders, creditors use the information of financial accountancy, only the managers of an organization have the permission of using management accounting information.
  • Another difference between financial accounting and management accounting information is that the former is case based and the latter is model based.
  • While the information of financial accounting is calculated by reference to general standards of financial accounting, management accounting information is evaluated by reference to the needs of managers. With our Japanese accounting and management homework help you will get a clear conception of these fields.

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