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Is Your Physics Base a Bit Shaky? Know How You Can Make It Stronger

by Oct 13, 2016Physics

When it comes to science subjects, physics is something like the hardest tasks or in other words, the king of the monarchy. Students generally have a big phobia when it comes to science subjects. This is mainly because they are very conceptual, based on actual working and application and cannot be mugged up at all.
The phobia surrounding science subjects continues to flourish and bloom radiantly thanks to the multi- faceted arrangements for conducting regular tests with harsh outcome and serious pressure. Science phobia also owes its existence to sometimes meaningless assignments, and to some extent the teacher’s approach and attitude.
Physics – Is It A Day Dream Or A Nightmare?
The phobia that students have in all other science subjects sum up together to match the level of phobia that physics alone breeds in children’s minds. Physics can be extremely enjoyable on for some students and can also be a terrifying incubus for other students.
So why there is such a marked difference in the way physics presents itself to a body of students, all of around the same age and belonging to the same class? The answer is huge. But to sum it up, one can state that physics becomes a phobia once the basic concepts and working remain unclear and doubtful in a student’s mind.
Role of Teachers:
Teachers have a major role to play when it comes to simplifying physics or any subject for that matter. Physics is a much more important subject as the application of concepts is more rampant here.
Every step involves a logical reasoning accompanied be a rational concept. If a teacher fails to make students understand this working, then it is going to very extremely difficult to make those same things understandable at a later point in time.
It is extremely important that teacher teaches in such a way that concepts become easy to master. The basic concepts should not feel like complicated problems because these will be eventually applied in solving those complicated problems.
Moreover, physics teacher should be friendly enough and talk about doubts and problems. You should try and befriend your teacher to be more comfortable to speak up about the areas concerning you.
Role of Parents:
Parents too play a very vital role in studies in general. Although most parents do not teach subjects like physics to their children themselves, they do play a major role in helping them always. Parents should always talk to students in an encouraging manner. This helps students to remain at ease.
If one test goes badly, then it does not mean the end of the world. Parents should refrain from demoralizing the mind of their child. They should try to figure out what is wrong (which is the base of the subject) and should take steps to rectify or eliminate that shortcoming. After all, who would be able to understand any student better than their mum and dad?
Role of Students Themselves:
Yes, students too have a role to play in building up their concepts and basics of physics. In fact, students have the biggest and most vital role in their own studies, whatsoever subject it may be.
As for physics, as a student, you should be able to understand where you are falling short. Try to analyze yourself and get to the bottom of the situation. If you yourself do not understand whether the concepts are making a mark on you or not, then it will be extremely difficult for anybody else to tell the difference, thereby making the situation worse.
What Can Be Done?
The query rather should be made in the following manner: what should be done? Well, frankly there are not much things to do when you face problems with understanding the basics of physics.
You are pretty much standing on quicksand and slowly sinking. If you make movements, get tensed and freak out, you will sink deeper. So the first thing you must try to do, or rather should do is to stay calm. There is a storm coming and so plant your feet on the ground to survive it, or else it will blow you away.
Ride Your Fear:
One of the first things that you should do when you are ready to take control of your studies is mastering your fear. There is no such thing as fear. You need to forget about it. Start to think of it as another portion which you did not understand.
Stop fearing and only then can you think properly about the next steps. To do this, you need to convince yourself that you will be much more alert and will eventually be able to sort things out, which you actually may succeed in doing.
Speak Out Your Problems:
If you have doubt, feel free to speak up your problems. Voicing your problems is the best way to start solving them. Teachers would then be able to understand what you are facing problems with and would surely improvise a new method of making you understand. Then you would easily be able to minimize the number of your doubts and problems.
Love Physics:
Love physics, and it will love you back. If you try taking up the subject as a matter of your interest, then it is certain that physics will make things interesting. Do not just study based on the limitations imposed by your books. If you read about something new or come across really good concepts, try searching the internet for more information about it.
The more you know, the more interesting things become. New ideas and concepts are bound to prove to be a major amazement, and you will end up loving the subject.
Get Rid Of Distractions:
Distractions are the main problem when it comes to studies. So keep away your phone, log out of all social networking sites and sit down to study in a calm and peaceful room in the right posture. Right posture can work like magic.
Practice makes perfect. So practice as much as you can in applying the basic concepts of physics while solving problems. Get hold of new problems. Solve them and get corrected by your teacher. All this can make a major difference!