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Is ‘Statistics’ the New Word for ‘Facts’?

by Oct 13, 2016Statistics

Students find it hard to do research and find information on homework topics. But this is really easy and quick. Need information on anything? You are just a click away; such is the ease that everyone wants to.

Suppose you are debating with your friend on a certain topic and you need to validate the facts that you are counting on. Look up for it on the internet and BAM! You are good to go.The only thing that isn’t helping nowadays is,“blatant facts are baseless.” Debating on something based on facts which have no further clarification is foolhardy.

Here comes the need of Statistics or simply stats, which does not only portray facts but gives you a clear idea about the topic that you are interested in. To be honest, “stats” is the new word for facts and we all need to understand it better.

Statistics, more than a mere subject:

It is pretty common among people that statistics is a subject to be afraid of. Entangled equations paired with tedious probabilities is something to be afraid of, still it has a lot more to offer. With the evolution of human brain and their vast knowledge on various niches, debate or argument has been of great significance.

Dishing out facts after facts, shedding light on unknown subjects is pretty interesting and of course good for our own general knowledge. At a certain point of time, facts do not always reflect the underlying meaning or the depth of the event.

For e.g. 30,000 US citizens lost their life in a major natural disaster. This simply doesn’t mean much. People can die due to many different ways like deaths due to natural causes, deaths due to accidents and much more.

Now, a better way to look at it will be a representation of bar diagrams or pie charts where a time periodis chosen and the causes of death are portrayed accordingly. This will help in understanding the different causes of death and interpret.

Stats, the new kid on the block:

Witnessing a debate on religious issues or political issues or in fact sports issues is fun. You get to see a whole new side of an argument and your knowledge enhances. It is pretty common among debaters to rely on facts, statistics to be more specific.

I have had some pretty serious debates with my colleagues where I was debating on the World’s best footballer debate, and I had to completely rely on the year by year statistics as vaguely stating X is the best player in the world wouldn’t have helped my cause. I quickly rummaged the internet and beheld the power of it; Iwas provided with innumerable stats, player to player comparison.

The usefulness of stats doesn’t only limit to debates and arguments; you can use statistics wherever you might find it convenient. The world data, whether it is about the global economy, global population or anything requires huge statistical purposes. Mere facts can give you an idea but would not provide you with any insight. Hence, it is safe to say that statistics is the new kid on the block.

Usefulness of statistics in our everyday life:

Almost everything that we use nowadays depends directly or indirectly on statistics. From the toothbrush you use in the morning to the night cream that you apply on your body. Here is a peek-a-boo at the usefulness provided and why facts/stats are necessary.

  • Every company or industry depends on their sales statistics, customer satisfaction statistics and many other things.
  • Statistics help us to see the naked truth and lets us know about the actual scenario.
  • News channel, newspaper publishers, depends on the facts or stats to make it more interesting and sensible for the people.
  • Education departments and portals rely heavily on stats/facts as it helps them regulate education related affairs. In another blog of mine “Do you know what the ‘messiah’ for a better career is?” will help you decide which college or university to look up to.
  • Population related statistics help us know our own country and the world better.
  • Quirky facts or statistics are pretty intriguing. There are so many weird and bizarre facts that we are unaware of. Some of them are pretty intense too. The World War I & II facts are depressing whereas facts about certain bizarre individuals are hilarious.

The power of Internet cannot be measured, which helps us to compare facts and stats. Many entrance exams are based on general knowledge, and nothing can be better than the vast knowledge that statistics or facts provide us with.The constant blabbering of written facts can be monotonous; to spice it up graphical representation of data is also available. Pie charts, bar graphs, time-series plots. It is the unique representation of data that makes statistics an interesting subject.

With everything being said about statistics, it will be befitting to mention that collection of unbiased data; thorough analysis forms a major part of statistics. It should be bored that many biased and manipulated stats or facts are being placed in front of people regularly. There is a popular saying that goes by, “There are three kinds of lies someone can tell to make fool others that include; simply lies, damned lies and statistics”. Nonetheless, thediscrepancy is present in every form of information. You should check for the source so that you don’t gather false information. Stats are important in every perspective of life living.