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Is Math Homework Tormenting You? Get Some Solutions Right Here

by May 17, 2017Mathematics

It is a subject which deals with numbers and symbols. It helps in solving many problems related to other subjects like mechanics, chemistry, physics etc. it is very importance to understand the applications of this subject in theday to day cases.

Why should maths be learned?

  1. If you go to the market, you require calculation of the price for the product you are purchasing.
  2. If you are paying rent of the house or paying money to housemaid, you need to calculate it month wise
  3. Making alist of all expenses. Month wise expense calculation will help you to know all unnecessary expenses you made.
  4. Arrange your monthly salary and prioritize your expenses accordingly so that you can save money and live your life comfortably. Savings will help you to overcome your hard time.
  5. If you want to set up your own business, maths will allow you to calculate capital you have, capital you required, therisk you can take and final profit and loss. Maths will also allow you to analyse the difficulties you need to acquire.
  6. From homemakers to big successful man, every person should know the basics of maths to lead their life successfully.
  7. It is a basic subject which will help you to understand the basics about other subjects like mechanics, physics, and chemistry. It works as foundation
  8. Without number and symbol understanding, you can’t survive in the society.

Above points clearly show that it is a very important then why maths phobia arises in the mind of thestudent? It is an important question which hunts students, teacher, and their parents.

Why maths phobia?

Phobia is fear of something. Fear arises because of

  1. Failure in past
  2. Influenced by another person
  3. Performance issue
  4. Understanding issue
  5. Negativity

If thisreason gets stronger day by day, phobia becomes stronger.

Maths phobia is the phobia from maths. It arises because: –

  1. Ignorance

Parents and teachers often ignore that whether child understood the concept of maths or not. This cause a serious problem in the life of a student. They cannot understand the high-level question because thestudent didn’t understand the basic concept. Teacher and parent didn’t have time and patience to understand it. They came to know about it when astudentgets low marks on his final exam.

With theincrease in class level, the toughness of problems also increases. Their basic concept understanding is not clear and tough question become tougher for them. They start fearing from the questions.

  1. Classmates influence

In your school life, fellow classmates play very important role. If they hate math, you also start hating it without knowing the real reason and with passing time, you start fearing maths.

  1. Failure

If a child fails to understand the problem, parent and teacher need to handle the situation very calmly. They should not shout at the student especially in front of other students. This result into stopping of student’s habit of asking a question and informing them that they didn’t understand the problem. This will degrade their self-confidence.

How to tackle this situation?

  1. Try to understand the concept. If it is not clear ask your parents and teachers to make you understand it. Teachers and parents need to give time to achild.
  2. You need to understand that mugging is not the solution. It will further increase your problem. Although you will see in some cases your fellow classmate’s mug the question’s answer and get good marks. Don’t try to follow them. In higher class their problems will increase as their concept regarding thesubject is not clear.
  3. Until and unless your concept regarding thetopic is clear. Try the solved examples given in the textbook. After that try the question which is not solved in the textbook. If required try to solve thequestion from other books. Follow these steps to understand the concept of maths subject.
  4. Exercise your homework daily. It will save you from last time tension and math is a subject which is based on concept and understanding, not mugging. You can’t complete maths one day before your exam.
  5. If parents can’t give time to the child. they should hire tutor or online tutor for the child
  6. Parents and teachers should try to find out the practical application of maths in daily life. Make child understand why maths is important. Try to change their way of presentation of the subject, if achildfaces understanding issues.
  7. Teachers and parent need to find anew way to make math more interesting. Present math in a more realistic way in front of students.
  8. The studentneeds to research the topic as much as possible on the internet.
  9. Try to contact those students who love maths subject. Their study circle will help you in understanding the questions and your problem-solving capacity will increase.
  10. If achildfails to understand the concept and ask aquestion to teachers and parents. Don’t try to stop them. Parent and teachers should support them and tell them that it is a good habit.
  11. Parents should try to pay attention in the school work of achild. Although they are busy, they need to pay attention towards the child and make him/her do their regular homework.