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Is Female Education Still Under Developed in Developing Countries?

By Sarah J Mitchell
2 Nov, 2015

Female education is a very complex issue to be discussed. It is an issue that has raised quite some debatable conversations when it came to equality of the sexes and education rights of humans. Not only primary education but secondary or health education is also a questionable matter. There had been plenty of movements that promoted these issues surrounding female education and their proper survival in the society.

It is to be noted here that even though Western Countries have achieved some superior levels of educational degrees even surpassed them in some cases. But in developing countries, this is still a very questionable issue.

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7. Schools of nowadays have smart teaching classes. Here what happens is there is a smart board where topics are taught via a board where details appear through web arrangements. It is in obvious ways more descriptive, analyzed properly, colorful and easily understandable.

So, the smart development techniques are making quite some headway in the society. But amidst all these developing scenarios, have you ever wondered that why female literacy is so low in developing countries?

This is as observed particularly because of the negative attitude of parents towards girl child. Boys are given priority in terms of almost everything. Be it education, behavior, upbringing as a whole. This concept that girls cannot or are not the earning members of the family is a well-established thought. Also, when girls are wedded they are sent to another family. So all together giving them education is considered as total wastage of money.

Sometimes poverty is the cause also for poor literacy. Sometimes women themselves due to various reasons for society are bound to stay illiterate. Take for example the condition of a little girl who is regularly harassed on her way to school. She will be frightened and slowly not go to school. This is a very disappointing fact. But what is more disappointing is that, she will not go to her parents or others about this issue because her name will be the thing that will be damaged. She and herfamilyhave to suffer the rest. So she chose to not to go to school.

If this becomes the condition, then it is quite a questionable condition where matters need to be looked after. You will see these days that education has become a trade that is profitable from all ways. Companies and businessman are more interested in taking up responsibilities for opening a school or other educational institutions. These industrial companies are making studies fancy by attracting more prey through luxury amenities that they provide. But are industrial companies doing enough for education or there is a gap? It is us who can make a difference.

When we are fortunate enough who can get proper and enough education so as to call ourselves traditionally literate then it is the responsibility of all of them to take of social deals and handle them properly. Give back something to the society. Help the needy and poor. Be it removal of illiteracy or backwardness or other complex issues that restricts the proper development of the society, we should take a step to eradicate these.

There is still a lot to do for women and their rights in countries where their birth is still considered as unlucky.

Let us all join hands and do better for the world so that we can make each other proud and be completely what is called actually LITERATE.