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What is wrong with Modern Education System?

By Sarah J Mitchell
2 Nov, 2015

What’s wrong with modern education system? It might take an eternity and a half to write down the answers. The very focus of the modern education system is on the wrong things. Like the well known saying goes, a fish cannot be judged by its ability to fly. But the present education system judges not only the fish but also the giraffe, monkey, tiger and cow by their ability to fly. And what’s even more infuriating is that the rest of the animals aren’t even allowed to sit for the examinations.

The point I’m struggling to make is that the sameness and the inflexible education system is not only misjudging the capabilities and potentials of youngsters, they are also ruining their natural talents. It’s a common incident for a student to be discouraged about his talent simply because it does not conform to the prescribed syllabus of judging one’s merit. “Oh, he can paint? But what good is that? He needs to focus more on mathematics instead”. That’s the mentality endorsed by educational institutes and consequently, we have lesser aspiring painters or singers and more aspiring engineers.

Even if I wanted to create a very, very brief list of all that is wrong with education system, there are a few things which I could never dare to miss:

1. You can’t be educated unless you have the money to pay for it, your intelligence being of least importance here.

2. Students have absolutely no said in matters of their education, they’ll have to strictly follow a syllabus which was perhaps prescribed in 1400 AD.

3. Same measures are used for judging students with different abilities.

4. Most of the things that are taught have no practical use.

5. Theoretical knowledge is all-in-all, practical ideas count for nothing.

6. The ever increasing burden and competition has turned students into rats running in a race.

7. Partiality, legacy, monetary power and social standing being more important than merit.

Money over merit

While many developing nations are providing free primary education to their citizens, they still have a long way to go. The attempt is mainly to improve and show off their literacy rate rather than to spread education. How is a person supposed to build a successful and respectable career simply with primary education? Anything better than that costs a fortune, and unless you can pay for it, you can forget about higher education. Yes, one might talk about scholarships, but practically, only a handful of students are lucky enough to avail them. The rest of the intelligent minds get lost in the crowd. Any reputed instituted would accept a rich half-brain over a poor brilliant mind. And if we consider third world countries, people have no access to free primary education either. Some nations like Germany and Denmark have taken plausible steps like providing free higher education to all citizens, but for the rest of the world, it’s still a dream.

Incompetent, archaic syllabus; same method to judge all

The modern education system focused only a few branches of studies. To put it more precisely, it’s an industrialization oriented education system that we have in today’s time. Students need to be good in mathematics, sciences, languages, history and geography. These are all subjects that will ultimately help them to become engineers, doctors, teachers to archeologists: everything leading to better business, better growth of industries of all kinds.

There is however least emphasis on matters like singing, painting, dancing or even sports. A child might show great potential in the soccer field, but first he’ll have to get a graduate degree. Another person might be very good in dancing, but she must first get a job before pursuing such an “unconventional career”. Now who decides what’s unconventional? Of course our modern educational system! Anything that’s not being taught in school occupies a secondary position. And therefore, a student must first learn the things he has no talent for before he can pursue the ones he is actually good at.

Knowledge that comes to no use:

Students need to indulge in a lot of subjects and theories that do not even have a practical use. Take a subject economics for example. When I was a student, my teachers would clearly state that there are some laws which are strictly theoretical and cannot be proved practically, because they were flawed. Yet we have to learn them, why? Because otherwise we would lose grades in exams. Now this is exactly what’s wrong with the system. Instead of focusing on obsolete stuffs, the syllabus should concern itself with things that have a more practical use. Learning how can a person master the English language comes handy while applying for a job irrespective of one’s field, but knowing the birth place of an Emperor is hardly of any use to an engineer!

The rat-race

The existing competition in the professional field is being further fueled by the modern system of education. Moreover, these competitions are not always fair. After dealing with discriminations with regard to one’s financial standing and useless rules like, “reservations for the alumni”, when one finally gets the chance to learn, their attention is diverted from core academics to projects and assignments that make no contribution towards a person’s growth. Things like this can be easily taken care of by such services as English assignment help or Chemistry assignment help provided by us. And presently, more and more students are opting for these services to save time and actually study. So what’s the point of bothering students about these when they learn nothing from it? What’s more is that they are even graded on basis of these assignments. So basically, the modern day grading system is as impractical as it can get.

We are presently standing at a point where reform is much needed, yet we know that we’re far from it. Unless this didactic education system shows a change, real talents will continue to be suppressed and will eventually get lost. The next generations will turn into machines, feeding on forced knowledge and churning out more industrial waste.

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