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What is the Importance of Education in a Person’s Life?

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By Sarah J Mitchell
2 Nov, 2015

To say the very least, without education, you wouldn’t have been able to simple things like reading this blog. Perhaps the fourth most important thing (after food, clothing and shelter) that a person requires in today’s world to sustain themselves is education. Without education, a person is left ignorant about himself and about the world around him. People still might have tried to find bliss in their ignorance, but the truth is lack of education also drags down one’s standard of living, and life as such isn’t quite blissful. It also slows down the progress of the society and thus has an effect on both: the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Importance of education

Let me try to make few small points which shall adequately establish why each and every member of the society must be educated.

Overcoming social evils and superstitions:

Unless a person has seen the light of education, his mind is bound to remain confined in the dark ages where superstitions and obsolete beliefs dominate the world. Even to this day, in rural areas, people rely on mystic healing methods rather than on doctors. This causes the loss of several valuable lives, but nothing seems to change over time. It’s only through education that people can be taught about medical science and that’s how more people will start using the appropriate methods of treatment.

Another very common example of social evil that arises out of ignorance is large families. Couples give birth to children, whether they have the capacity to feed them or not. The size of the family increases and this contributes to the global problem of overpopulation. The outcomes are:

1. Depleting natural resources.

2. Increased pollution.

3. Lack of employment.

4. Increased poverty.

5. Loss of cultivable land.

The horrors are numerous and they are caused by the simple fact that people are not educated enough to understand the consequences of their action. There are mainly three causes for people having larger families:

1. Want of a male child.

2. An attempt to increase the number of members, and in turn “earning-members” of a family.

3. No knowledge about family planning or contraception.

All these problems could be sorted with one solution: proper education would make people realize that there’s no difference between a male and a female heir; education would fetch good jobs and so there would be no need for unnecessarily expanding the family; education can make people aware of the concepts and need of family planning, and also about the methods of contraception.

Better Standard of living:

Education inevitable brings with it better professional opportunities and hence a better lifestyle. Now who doesn’t wish for a comfort way of life? Education is the way to achieve it. The more you educate yourself, the greater are the chances for you to bag good jobs and hence earn more, much more than your previous generation. A whole family can see a change in their social standing once a member decides to get higher education. Education gives you money, respect and a social position: things that all men desire. And once you’ve got these three, you’ll have an access to all the great things in life.

Also as the individual earning improve, the national income sees a corresponding growth and the country as a whole moves toward progress.

Removes class disparities:

The division between rich and poor is existent in every society and the only way to bring down this barrier is to provide equal education to one and all. When a person from not-so-financially-stable background manages to educate himself and ends up getting a nice job, his financial position alters and the gap between his family and other richer ones gradually diminishes. When this happens on a larger scale, the social structure changes and the divide between the rich and poor become narrower. Therefore, the society as a whole benefits from the spread of education.

Creates Awareness:

Education not only provides better career options and a better standard of living, but it also makes an essential contribution towards a person growth and self-improvement. It makes you aware of yourself, of your own evolution as well as about the world around. Many events, people and phenomenon has shaped the world the way it is today. Without education you’ll know nothing to it. A person who has no education will never know about Darwin’s theory of the evolution of man or about Freud’s theory of the human mind. What’s the point of living when you don’t even know about yourself? It’s the life of an animal, a complete waste of the privilege of being born as a human.

Leads toward progress:

Education makes a person self-dependent, leads to industrial growth of a nation, promotes life-saving inventions, supports global peace and helps in overcoming social boundaries, Helps in exchange of culture, leads to technological improvements, establishes the rationale and makes the world a better place to live in. Education leads to innumerous improvements and every day, it leads us towards a newer world with fascinating possibilities. It helps us to explore not the world we live in but the vast universe beyond, of which we are a mere, insignificant part.

Ways to educate yourself:

A commonly asked question is: How is the pattern of education changing in present times?  It is in fact changing in many ways, mostly because now it’s more easily available and accessible to all. It’s truly said that a well-educated man is often self-educated. You must have the zeal to learn, and then nothing can stop you from gathering great wisdom:

A person must take an interest in reading books of all kinds, they teach a great deal about people, the world, new ideas and about life in general.

One must closely follow newspapers to stay updated about what’s going on in the world.

Students should never neglect their studies but pay complete attention to their subjects. When things get too hard, they can ask for help from teachers of academic assignment help providers like us. We can easily provide assignment help support to you on any subject.

Students must make it a point to truly learn and not attempt to simply go with the flow. They should address their doubts and confusions, and get them sorted at all times.

In the end the things you do will come back to you. So educate yourself to have a better life and to make contributions in building a better world.