Has English Grammar Taken a Back Seat as the Language Keeps Evolving?

English Language has seen and been through many changes over the past few centuries. The form has changed much in the way we write and speak. The way we write now would definitely appear absurd to the litterateurs of Elizabethan Age. The way we roll our eyes the moment we spot arbitrary use of the language on social media might be similar to the way Elizabethans roll their eyes at our use of language. However, the point is, language keeps evolving just like we do. It’s almost like a living, growing organism which grows, adds and loses parts with time, but it constantly keeps changing.

English grammar takes the blow from social media

More than ever, English grammar has presently taken a back seat and it is hardly given any importance except on formal grounds. People feel free to use language at their own wish. You and I are no different; we both know that we contribute to it. Some common distortion of the language can be noted in:

1. Unnecessary use of abbreviations while texting, using Whatsapp and of course on social networks.

2. Change in the spelling of words, often making them longer, to make them sound cooler. One disturbing example is the change from “my” to “mah”.

3. Invention of new words to express an otherwise common term, like using the word “bae” to denote one’s beloved.

4. Use of wrong spellings simply out of ignorance.

Te habit of using the language in our own way has got so deeper into our skin, that we often forget in exam halls that we must write “You” and not “u”. People often forget the usage of complete words even when they are writing in formal environments and obviously this can cost them much.

Side effects of using wrong grammar

Yes, English grammar was certainly going through a critical stage and was almost at a risk of losing all importance. But then saviors came in form of Grammar Nazis who made it their job to insult every single person who misuses the language. Perhaps, they were angels sent by God to rescue the language from perishing. With significant effort from their side, a considerable segment of the population has become very conscious about the language they use in a public forum. Every learned man is aware that:

1. A single spelling mistake in the social networks can rob him of all the high degrees he has earned.

2. Every man is continuously being judged on the basis of his grip on English language; lack of fluency in the language equals low intelligence.

3. One must take no chances with his grammar when he is trying to win an argument.

4. A valid argument becomes null with a wrong pronunciation or spelling mistake.

Since the mass has been made conscious about the crime and punishment, there has been a reduction in the modification of the language. Yet, some tyrants stick to their ways and are still attempting to shape the language into something else altogether. They try every possible way to bend and change the words and their spelling. And to some extent they have become successful. While it’s true that all this hassling has had no effect on the formal frontiers, it certainly has had an impact on the human mind. Let’s face it: very few of us would be bothered about the traditional grammar rules if it didn’t cost us our career.

Where grammar is still in use

While the crude use of the language has become a major incidence in our society, we cannot really claim that the language has lost all traditions and has loosened all the reins. On the contrary, it holds on to its traditional values. Yet, there are things that raise confusion in one’s mind. English itself has many forms, major ones being British English and American English. There are different spellings to one single word and students are often not sure which one to use. But without a proper sense of grammar, one has to:

1. Get humiliated in public.

2. Will not be able to make formal interactions in school, college or office.

3. Will end up losing marks in exams.

4. Will fail to make a good impression during job interviews.

5. All these incidents are bound to hamper one’s confidence.

6. As a whole, it acts as a between a person and this professional ambitions.

Thus, we have still not reached a time when grammar can be totally ignored. And this shows what is the importance of education in a person’s life.

How can a person master the English language?

Since it’s quite clear that one cannot prosper in a professional field with a self-invented way of using the language, it’s is crucial that every man must know and learn the basic rules of English grammar. There are certain things which must demands attention:

1. First thing to learn is the parts of speech.

2. Next one should be coherent with the use of punctuations.

3. One must not go wrong with sentence formations.

4. Spellings must be perfect and should not be experimented with.

5. One must learn about the voices and tense.

6. Pronunciation is an equally important part.

These are a few grounds that every person must cover to have a good grip over the language. They can try the following methods to help themselves:

1. Students must follow approved grammar books.

2. They must pay attention to the lessons taught in class.

3. They must strictly avoid the use SMS language.

3. Students must practice their lessons regularly.

4. In case of doubts, students can go to their teachers and ask for help.

5. To have access to such help at all times, students can look up for the new and helpful English assignment help which is available online.

6. Students need to learn the pronunciations correctly.

With these few steps, one should be able to have a better grasp over the subject. In case of any need, they can reach us for English homework help service also. More and more students are now depending on such help because this way they can get all their doubts sorted without any hassle.

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