10 Ways to Learn Java in just a Few Weeks

Java is a unique programming language that is the grassroots for the development of all application software’s, game consoles, basis of websites and the list will go on and on. Java sits at the top of the food chain of all programming languages. Java has made remarkable progress since its introduction in mind 90s.

Why is it so important nowadays to learn Java?

Do you know how much it is worth spending a lot of money on masters in Computer Science? Well, there you may learn high level computer languages also and learning Java is a part of it as well. Learning Java has become one of the most important priorities in this economic world. With learning Java comes the vast scope of job opportunities. Here are a few reasons that make Java so important than COBOL, C, C++, etc.

1. Well it’s in human nature to find shortcuts and try to achieve a lot in a short period of time. So why not choose a programming language that is so easy to master once the initial stages are passed. Java provides an easy syntax in English with minimum use of special characters that are hard to catch. Java is an Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) language. Development of apps using Java is a lot easier task due to this reason. There are few concepts in OOPs like Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance and Polymorphism which is my favourite part. You will find it very interesting once you get to know the basics.

2. When I first picked up programming I was fascinated by Applet codes which provided a lot of animations. Who won’t get drawn to such wonderful artworks? Java has a vast resource of Application Program Interface (API) for Input and Output, various utilities like XML, networks and managing database connections and many more. Even if something is left out, it’s obtainable from open library sources such as Google Guava, Apache, etc.

3. Java is platform independent programming language. This was the main reason Java became popular in the 90s with its famous tagline “write once and run anywhere”. It attracted a lot of young minds. It’s on laptops,desktops,mobiles,and iPods and in many more places. This large field of Java attracts large companies because of so many programmers who are learning java. Java comes free of cost. Who would want to spend extra bucks to learn something if you don’t have any. You won’t need to pay to learn and create applications in java.

4. Java has powerful tools of development like Net beans and eclipse coupled with Integrated Development Environment programming is responsive smooth and fluent. Debugging feature makes it worthy for coding using notepad and DOS Editors. Java attracts a large community towards it. There are many forums, organizations besides   Java using groups which help beginners to cope with the initial stages and make them love this program so much. It’s a blessing for this OOP language to have such a big community support.

5. There are a lot of scopes to learn Java. But nothing can be your best guide other than a good text book. It is the primary source of knowledge you would best acquire about this programming language. I would personally suggest getting hold of a good informative Text book as your first step towards learning Java. Java can be downloaded from www.java.com. It is absolutely free of cost. It is important to regularly update Different versions of Java to improve stability and enhance performance besides proving security.

Here Are 10 Possible ways to learn Java in Few Weeks

There are numerous possibilities to master Java. But here are ten most valid ways to become a programmer in just few weeks.

1. To begin with you should download Java for free from Java.com. Oracle website provides great introductory help for initial stages.

2. Secondly get hold of a good book. You should first get through the reviews and then choose the best book possible. Remember it’s always important to strengthen your foundations to achieve some higher goals.

3. Interacting always helps to clear doubts hence there are many scopes for virtual education in many online sites. Clear your doubts after each lessons to enhance your knowledge.

4. Once the initial hurdles are crossed engage yourself in trying to solve programs. There are many problems that will clear your perceptions of this language. Collect programs from best possible books and sites any try to solve them without taking help of tutorials.

5. You can also have regular online sessions of Java programming. You can enrol yourself and log in regularly according to the class schedules and learn Java faster. Many software engineers are involved in giving these courses.

6. Try not to hold back any questions because it will not benefit you in any way. Always clear your doubt without thinking about your image. Questions that you are asking might be silly at the beginning but do not irk.

7. Google search Coding Bat. It is probably the best way to learn this language for free at your home. Interact with ease. You can do anything that you like. No one would complain. This will help you learn Java more quickly than any other sources. I have found it remarkably simple and easy to follow their guidance and have of course been regular in taking these courses.

8. YouTube have educated a lot of people with its vast content. There are endless videos on programming. I think among them the best was “Java (Beginner) Programming Tutorials. Collections of 87 videos. It will give step by step analysis of Java programming concepts. It belongs to The New Boston group and I have nothing other than a lot of appreciations for them for doing such a hard work and trying to educate us in the best possible way.

Massive Open online Courses are a great site which helps to learn Java. Google search for Mooc.fi. It is a six weeks course divided into two parts:

1.    The first part of this 6 week package includes providing you guidance on downloading Java and various tools related to it.

2.    The next part would give you a thorough knowledge about Java and teach you the best programming opportunities. You will take maximum of two weeks to learn the basics then the remaining four weeks are for further studies.

These methods are quite helpful for you. But, if you desire in knowing more than that about the Java, feel free to take our assistance. We will be happy to help you as this is what we do being a homework help firm.

Lastly you can get a good guidance for someone who knows Java very well in-depth.  It is always helpful if someone in your family knows Java very well. In my case I got a lot of help from my brother who is quite good in programming. You should try and solve many puzzles that will improve your memory.

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