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How Much it is Worth Spending a Lot of Money on Masters in Computer Science?

by Nov 3, 2015Computer Science

This is a highly competitive world and everyone needs to make their own way. Out of many popular science courses in present day world, computer science is definitely in the list of top three. More and more number of students is studying computer science in school and college level. Mostly you will find people holding a bachelor degree in computer science which is very common now.

Reason of dilemma

The problem or dilemma arises when one has a thought of going for masters in computer science. If you are a bachelor degree holder in computer science, you must have spent your entire school and undergraduate college life in computer science. It is difficult to hold patience of getting a job and getting settled in life. But when you complete your under graduation and check out the real world scenario, you will find that people who earn a lot have got master degree in their respective fields.

Now, it is easy to think and with little effort, easy to complete masters in computer science, but this course involves more capital than under graduation. The dilemma which most students face is how much it is worth spending a lot of money on masters in Computer Science? A bachelor degree holder on computer science spends around three or five years of time after his or her school life to complete the course. This also involves a capital and now if you want to join a master degree course, it will require more two years time or more along with capital. A wise person will think twice before spending this time and money and will enquire about the real world outcome of masters in computer science.

Job experience before masters can be helpful

In all probability, you are reading this for the same reason. If you are a bachelor degree holder, it will be wise of you if you join a job now to gain experience of about two years before you proceed for masters in computer science. Most companies suggest this way because there are few benefits of the student as well as recruiting companies behind this.

1. Firstly, a student gets a peace of mind after getting into a job realizing the fact that he or she is not ready to get a job and the time spent on studies has finally become worth it.

2. The student will get salary for two years also which will raise his financial status. He or she had to spent some money for completing the under graduation program. Whether a person is rich or poor, everyone needs money which is a fact.

3. How are recruiting companies benefitted if a student gets into a job for two years? Well, when a student does job for two years, then completes masters on computer science and then looks for job again, it will be easier for him to get job and will be easier for companies to give him a job. This is because he or she will have work experience in real world companies of two years which becomes a merit for the student.

4. Due to this very reason, that person might be offered with a higher post in a company where his or her other friends without any job experience might be given a basic post. This also means that a person with a two years work experience will earn more than others.

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Utilize time wisely

Now time is a great factor which never increases; it always decreases. So this resource needs to be used wisely. After completing your high school, you will or have spent about three to five years (depending upon whether full time or part time) on under graduation program of computer science. Now if you want to do masters on this field, it will take more two or more year’s time. With more passage of time, your job life span keeps decreasing. So if you lose time, you will have to earn more money in less time which can be achieved with a higher degree for which you want to do masters.

Idea of salary of bachelor and master degree holder

Before doing anything else just understand which profile is better for computer science graduates, software engineer or management? For your idea, let this be known to you that at present, cost involved with masters on computer science is around $30000 to $120000. Government aided institutions will make that fees around $40000 on an average. Private institutions will require more money. Now you need to have an idea about how much does a person with bachelor degree and a person with master degree earns. A bachelor degree holder on computer science earns a figure or around $62200 which is just an idea given to you. It depends a lot on the company and post and work experience. Similarly, a master degree holder on computer science earns about $80400 which is also a figure just for giving you an idea.

You now have the idea that there is about 30% increment in salary when you have the power of master degree. You now need to add the money spent on bachelor degree to the sum you will have to spend on masters. Then calculate how much time you will need if you get a salary of around $80400 to make the sum spent on your studies. If you find that the time span is not too much and within a short interval of time, you will be able to make a handsome living, you should definitely go for masters.

Advantage of masters on computer science

Main advantage of computer science is that this field will not have recession is near future, rather job will keep increasing. There is application of computer science in almost every field. Invention of computer has helped people greatly and it has changed the world. A master degree holder has more power in a company than a bachelor degree holder which gives you another reason to go for masters.

You will understand this fact when there arises a situation of some complication in a company and it sacks employers from the company. In such a situation, a company will first start the process with bachelor degree holders and will not do the same easily with master degree holders. So now you have an idea of the time and money required for masters on computer science and the salary you can get after masters. Decide wisely whether you should go for masters or not.