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How to Make Improvement in Answering for Bio Questions?

by Nov 3, 2015Biology

Have you got a pet? Well, then what exactly strikes in your mind when you see it? Leaving out its cuteness, have you ever wondered how different it is from you? Think of your favourite dog, for instance. There’s not one place you would like to stay for long without having a glimpse of your new family member. Its unique paws, wet nose, fur over its skin, all too cuddly about it, right?

It has the same principal organs as you do, it too has got carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and other chief constituents and it too performs the same cellular functions like respiration, digestion, excretion as you do. What differs are the internal compositions in its frame which impinges on its genes, heredity, evolution and allied things. These differences make it important for us to know about biology, the logical approach to bio, meaning life.

Biology, in a one liner definition, would simply entail a subject involving the study of life. We get to deal with living organisms as also their structural and functional complexities which are studied to their utmost details. The curiosity about life and its composition has made scientists to formulate a science that is quite unique in itself, as it gives us the most practical insight into what is going on inside our bodies.

Basics, a must know!

There can be as many as five reasons as to why you should be well acquainted with the fundamentals of the subject matter.

1. The very basics of this interesting subject biology are inculcated in students at an early age and as we grow older, we tend to learn the core ideas of each and every topic taught to us earlier. This helps us know our subject well. For instance, to study cytoplasm we need to know the cell structure really well else the entire exercise is turns out to be mundane and entirely futile.

2. Many a times, we find ourselves struggling hard to understand certain topics, it is then that we would like paying a visit to the skeleton of the topics covered in our childhood that often helps us find a solution to our one-of-the-many queries.

3. Sometimes the examiner too tests your knowledge by asking you basic questions, especially when you decide to take aptitudes for admission into the highly reputed and accredited universities.

4. The repetitive tests conducted at our schools and colleges, no matter how monotonous they appear to be like, in a way helps us brush up these existing concepts as we all strive hard to study these elements.

5. These structural ideas do help us face our interview questions in an effective way. The panellists out there do not ask plain and simple questions that could be crammed from our college text books in a night or so. Our basics combined with our presence of mind help us answer their not so traditional questions and score brownie points that finally help us bagging the job of our choice.

Given this pattern of learning the subject, we need to clear our basic ideas so that we can have a smooth understanding of each topic in detail in the higher standards, especially if we intend to pursue higher studies in biology in our under graduation and perhaps even post-graduation where we come across the two branches of biology, botany and zoology. Let us know some of the basics of biology as lucidly as is possible for us.

Biology-some underlying concepts

Biology, the approach to scientific ideas on life of a living organism, traces its structure and function, growth, origin and evolution. There are some essential building blocks of biology, out of which we will be discussing mainly three.

1. Cell-

It is the minute particle present inside all living bodies in uncountable amounts. They combine together to make up the tissues which upon aggregation make up the organs. So cell is as important in biology as is atom in physics. Digging deep into the cellular composition, we get to study features like cytoplasm, cytoskeleton, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, lysosomes and peroxisomes, nucleus, plasma membrane and ribosomes, all present inside a typical human cell, at variation from the plant cell. No wonder why these cells are referred to as the structural and functional unit of life!

2. Gene-

When we find a person blessed with exceptional good skin, we do not question its source. But when we find her retaining it despite a strong liking for junkies and lack of hygiene, we do try and reason it out. We mock it with the use of the term ‘gene’. Gene, the study of which is called genetics, is the rudimentary physical and functional unit of heredity. They are composed of Deoxyribonucleic Acids or DNA in short and constitute the highly complex structures called proteins. These are carried from parents to their offspring via chromosomes.

3. Evolution-

An uncivilised person is often ridiculed as a person having no evolution which is the garbed way to call him an ‘ape’. The subject relates to the history of life on earth.  It is the process, quite a slow one that speaks about the various transitions, from simpler to their highly complicated forms that took place before we came into existence. Indeed it is Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution that best explains the transformation of monkeys to human beings.

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Improvement in answers

Science and miracles are poles apart. There is no room for magic in science as we all know, everything logically concludes from something or the other. So the only key to improve the quality of answers lies within you. By just learning the basics, we can come out of challenging situations as can be encountered during the tedious, head-turning interviews.

What matters even more is a great presentation of known facts, the style of writing answers, which could only come to us through revisions and rigorous practices. So friends, just head yourself towards success by redoing the basics, start from the beginning unless you are too confident about skipping that bit and directly moving to the advanced studies and may you put in your best efforts and taste success in everything you do.