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At My Homework help, students can get assistance in investment analysis and portfolio management assignments. As this a very complicated subject, students often end up messing up with this subject. But with the help of our highly experienced and knowledgeable tutors you will find this subject very easy. Our investment analysis and portfolio management assignment help experts will make sure that you get all the necessary assistance with respect to this subject. Ad they will provide you with all the necessary guidance.

Our experts say that portfolio management refers to the management of different securities like stock, bond, etc. It is complex and therefore requires professionals and hence costly.

The following are the broad phases of investment management:

  • Requirement of investment objectives: This specifies the investment policy and it summarizes the objectives such as return requirements, risk acceptance, etc.
  • Preference of assets mix: Here we decide how much share of the portfolio has to be invested in various assets category such as bonds, stock, real estate, cash, etc.
  • Portfolio strategy formulation: Here two broad choices are available; active portfolio strategy and passive portfolio strategy and we have to choose between them.
  • Security selection: One should carefully evaluate yield to maturity, risk of default, tax shield liquidity and other factors while selecting fixed income avenues.
  • Portfolio execution: In this phase we implement the portfolio plan.
  • Revision of portfolio: Every portfolio must constantly be monitored and revised.
  • Evaluation of performance: In this phase we measure the rate of return and risk.

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