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International trade is an activity of exchanging services or products across international borders. Many renowned economists gave different theories of international trading. These are called international trade theories. Some rules are intended to change flaws in international trading. These are known as international trade policy.

Models of International Trade Theory:

There are different models of international trade theory. Check them out.

  • Adam Smith’s Model
  • Ricardian Model
  • Heckscher-Ohlin Model
  • Specific Factors Model
  • Gravity Model
  • New Trade Theory

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International Trade Policy and its Barrier:

International trade policy is a set of regulations which are created to change the flaws in international trading activity. Even though it is really important for international trading, it has some barriers. What are the elements of the policy? Let’s take an idea.

  • Import
  • Export
  • Balance of Trade
  • Trade Pact
  • Trade Law
  • Trade Creation
  • Export Orientation
  • Import Substitution
  • Trade finance
  • Traffic, trade and Tax

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