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Interest Rates and Credit Risk are a part of a bond owner’s everyday life. The risks occur because of a variation in interest rates. A bond can take a lot of risks, at it all depends upon the structure of the bond, whether it is a high value or a low-cost bond, and the rate of interest it offers.

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Rate of Interest

Rate of Interest is calculated annually. The debtor can have money, car, business entity or durable goods. Interest is calculated every month, and this can be considered as a service charge as well.

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Importance of rate of interest

Rate of Interest or Interest rate is extremely crucial as:

  1. It affects the value more than the stocks
  2. It can create a potential loss of the loss of interest means loss of revenue
  3. Rate of Interest earned can decide the future as most of the incoming funds vary depending on the rate of interest being offered.

Corporate Bonds & Interest Rate

As a student of Finance, you should also know that the value of the bond increase when the rate of interest is low and a surge in rate of interest leads to a decrease in lower value of the Corporate Bond.

The higher is the time period of maturity of the bond; the higher is the risk. However, it is always better to hold or keep the bonds intact till they mature as you will be assured of a stipulated amount when the bond matures.

Interest Rates & Credit Risk

  • Credit risk is the amount of risk a creditor takes when credit is offered. This risk depends upon the paying capacity, as well as the credit history of the debtor.
  • It is based on the assumption that the creditor will not be able to pay the interest rate or the principle
  • Credit risks are higher when the debtor takes money to pay off other financial obligations and does not have a continuous source of income.
  • Credit risks are imperative documents, and they clearly demarcate how much the bank/financial institution is going to lose in case the debt is not paid off.
  • This activity of calculating credit risk ensures that the lender maintains a balance between good and bad debts.

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