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Interest coverage ratio is nothing but to determine how effectively a company repay its debt along with the interest charges. We, at are constantly working on to provide the best interest coverage ratio homework help.

How to make good investment decision?

  • A company’s performance is often evaluated by the investors by going through its earnings and sales. Although it may not always reveal the correct picture.
  • It fails to tell about the company’s fundamental financial condition is good enough to meet the obligations that may come in financial terms.
  • The importance of coverage ratio gets to play here
  • The higher the coverage ratio, the chances of meeting financial obligations by any enterprise will be more effective.

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Why do we need to know about interest coverage ratio?

  • Firstly, it is used to find out how efficiently a company would be able to clear its debt along with its interest charges.
  • The rate of interest plays an important role in determining the profit incurred by a company.
  • The company’s credit on the other hand, depends upon how effectively it can meet the profit obligations
  • This interest coverage ratio plays a pivotal role before you tend to make an investment decision.

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Are you interested in knowing about the formula of the interest coverage ratio?

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The formula:

Interest coverage ratio will be equal to (EBIT) that is, the earnings you make before paying taxes and interest to be divided by all the interest expenses.

Basically it means the interest from the earnings could be paid for how many times.

It also tries to gauge the safety margin of a firm for paying its interest.

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