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Negotiation – Interactive Skill

The concept of negotiation is associated with finding the correct and suitable base for carrying out a particular work when there are two parties involved. In all aspects of business, political as well as social life, it is negotiation that has taken the forefront. Though in most cases, this is considered as a mere substitute for direct action that has to be taken for any particular issue, but in reality, it is very important to have a detailed idea of this to ensure that in future no problems occur in this regard.

When the concept of collective bargaining is taken into action, it can be said that it is a common ground for both employers and employees so that there is no sudden intrusion into the working process. The prime idea is to find a new relation between two parties which holds greater potential to construct something unique rather than the others.

Though to most, it is one of the most important points that have to be considered while dealing with any such procedure, however, for others, this can be a mode for inhibiting the constructive process. But the major concern now is, since there is lack of expertise in proper bargaining and correct procedure, the whole idea associated with this negotiation process is not defeated.

When the current scenario is taken into concern, it can be found that negotiation is not working out the way it should. It is the point of expertise that is associated with correct focus skill ideas. On this idea of focus skills, there are a number of ideas and books that you will have to have to check out for a detailed idea.

  1. The bargaining strategies and tactics have to be explained well
  2. Initially, the ideal place of conflict has to be pointed out. This will include relation within an official domain, benefits of working and drawbacks.
  3. The negotiating sequence has to be kept in check
  4. Various aspects of bargaining have to be taken into consideration

From the summer of 2000, the idea of negotiation has been well accustomed by the trade unions. From hours of work to payment issues to finally the number of paid leaves.

But now the question is – how negotiation is remotely close to taking a unilateral decision?

The point here that needs to be noted is – the choice becomes one between capitulation and negotiation, the outcome is similar to compromise. According to some, capitulation is one of the best modes, though there are some difficulties associated with it. When it comes to the matter of negotiation, there are chances of results being derived via unilateral executive method. What is important to note is that- in a negotiation process, it may so happen that at a certain point the employers and employees have the same goals as well as same conflicts.

Therefore, the point of negotiation comes to forefront, since when either the employer or the employee tries to put in their ideas for the betterment of a particular situation, the chances are that a point of forcing each other comes to forefront.  Since the problem as this cannot be solved in such a scenario; a particular settlement has to be reached.

Initially, the point of negotiation was taken as collective aspects within a relation, but when it comes to negotiation process, the material on negotiation is also given priority.

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