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The Innovation Imperative Helps One to Grow in the Digital World

If you want to grow in the digital world then you can definitely make use of innovation. It is with the help of this digital ecosystem that organizations are able to get a number of opportunities which help in accelerating innovation.

When you create and deliver customer value then it is referred to as innovation. Till the time a particular product or service proves useful to the customer you cannot consider it to be innovation. If a product does not prove to be valuable to the customer it can simply be called a good idea and definitely not innovation.

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Innovation competencies as laid down by Edison

The spectacle of seeing exactly what one wants to see is basically referred to as innovation. Whether we are conscious or unconscious, our mindset is always at work. It is our mind set that helps us to get a sense of purpose and it is with the help of this purpose that perception is organized.

If you have a mindset of finding out solutions to every problem then you will surely be able to access a lot of innovation tools. It is only with the help of a solution centered mindset that you will meet various challenges and also overcome various setbacks. With the help of innovation you will be able to reach your goals and objectives.

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  • Another factor that helps in innovation is kaleidoscopic thinking. If you are able to deal with a number of problems at the same and then provide solutions keeping the different perspectives in mind then you can be said to have kaleidoscopic thinking. This thinking was basically used in order to explain the incomparable approach that Edison had on practical creativity.

If you are the Manager or the owner of a company then it is essential for you to know about the various strategies that were used by Edison to juggle between more than one project. Like Edison you can also try generating the various ideas.

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