Initiating and Responding to Price Changes Homework Help

The Reasons to Initiate and Respond to Price Changes

There are a number of times when different organizations initiate price changes. This can be either due to an external or an internal factor. In most cases these price changes are introduced by competing organizations. In order to deal with these price changes the Company can definitely bring in new strategies and designs. The prices of products in an organization may either be increased or may be decreased.

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Reasons for increase in price

Most organizations prefer increasing prices of their products because this helps in a better revenue generation for the particular company or the organization.If a company feels that the volume of sales will not get affected by a slight increase in their price then they might increase product prices.

We are all aware of the fact that increasing the prices is a very attractive option for a number of organizations because in most cases if there is a little price hike then companies can generate more profit. Increase in price mainly occurs due to inflation because cost of the company tends to increase here.

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There is another important thing that is necessary for students to understand. There are times when a certain product is in very high demand in the market and the manufacturer is not able to deal with such a huge demand. In such cases also the prices are increased for lowering the demand.

  • Reasons for price decrease

Companies in most cases lower down their prices if they feel that a low price will attract more customers. Many organizations feel that lowering down the price will help them to get a better market share.

It is definitely not very easy dealing with price changes and so it is important for the managers to know about the tactics that will help them in adapting to these changes. So it is important to understand the basic concepts of this topic. As a student it is therefore always recommended to take Initiating and Responding to Price Changes Homework Help from a reputed company like

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