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The functioning of a market follows the behavior of the consumers and how they are reacting to the price changes of the products. A company can decide on altering the prices of its manufactured goods according to the market demands and projected returns. But it is seen from earlier studies that consumers react remarkably better to price cuts than to price surges.

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The real reasons for initiation of Price Cuts

  • Initiation of price cuts is primarily seen in the case of abundant capacity within a manufacturing firm. Under these circumstances, common methods like an improvement of the quality of the commodities or enhancing sales efforts or even a probable price hike fail to work. Hence, to fight these issues companies introduce price cuts.
  • The introduction of price cuts can bring about an unexpected flow of price clash within the market. It is capable of disrupting the on-going stable nature of the market. A company willing to exercise rule over the market can choose this method to win over the customers with lower prices.
  • Companies also have a chance of gaining a considerable amount of market shares and can dominate the market.

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The disadvantages related to Initiation of Price Cuts

Along with bringing in the higher stakes of acquiring an increased number of market shares and also winning leadership of the market, the introduction of unplanned price can cause a lot of disruptions within the company itself. Disadvantages are characterized below-

  • The fear of inferior quality

Owing to the drastic price reduction, consumers might feel there is a probable diminish in the quality to match up the decrease in price. The might not rise as projected.

  • The trap of high market shares

By introducing a price cut a company can definitely acquire higher markets shares but not the trust of its target customers. There is always an impending chance of them to switch to a different brand that offers similar price.

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