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What Influences Consumer Behavior Is An Important Topic From Marketing View Point? 

Consumer behavior means that consumer is purchasing product to meet their needs and they will have different factors that will be affecting their purchases. Different factors affect the consumer behavior. We at myhomeworkhelp.com ensure that student gets high quality what Influences Consumer Behavior assignment help and help them get high grade.

Psychological factors affecting consumer behavior

Motivation is an important aspect that affects consumer behavior. Assume that a person is feeling hungry and a person may feel motivated to have a cup of tea from a shop and this affects his or her consumer behavior. Motivated to reach the social status of others will ensure that a person may purchase an automobile that is high in price which normally a person may not purchase.

Perception is another psychological factor that affects consumer behavior. Certain people have a perception that branded items score high on quality and they may have an inclination towards a certain brand. That means that the consumer will always purchase a particular brand even if the product is priced high than competitors.

Religious belief affects the consumer behavior. For example, Islam religious belief gives strong importance to halal chickens, and people selling chicken in Islam dominant area will ensure that they sell only halal chicken to avoid hurting religious beliefs and sentiments.

Attitudes are an important factor in deciding consumer behavior. A positive attitude displayed by the brand is an important aspect of consumer behavior buying decisions.

Social factors that affect consumer behavior

Reference groups and peer values are an important aspect of social behavior in consumer purchasing decisions. Assume that a person purchased a product from a shop and he or she felt that the product was inferior to the price spend and this can affect the sales from peer groups. Assume that the person got good behavior and good value for money from a shop and this will increase the brand perception among peer groups and they will refer to many friends.

Personal factors affecting consumer behavior

Age is an important factor in consumer behavior. A person aged 15 may purchase a thing, and this thing may not be purchased when the person reaches age above 30.The disposable income will decide the consumer behavior and a person with high disposable income will purchase things that are high on price and high on luxury. Occupation is a factor also. If a person is working in a job that requires a smart formal dress, the consumer will purchase a formal dress which in normal cases may not buy.

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