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In the subject of economics, a person who wishes to pursue this discipline needs to have an in depth knowledge about a lot of topics. One such topic happens to be inflation. Inflation is such a topic that every student has to study it once in a while. Therefore, keeping this point in mind, our expert team of Inflation Assignment Help at My Homework Help has created a short note on this topic that talks about this economic concept in a very comprehensive manner which is very easy for students to read and understand.

What is inflation?
So, what is inflation? Well, in simple language, when you hear about the ever increasing and soaring prices of goods and services, it is nothing but inflation. However, our Inflation Homework Help defines inflation as a situation where the prices of products and goods start increasing at a soaring rate and when the purchasing power of a consumer starts to fall down subsequently.

General terms explained:
So, now you must be wondering what purchasing power is? Well, to understand this concept better, our faculty of Inflation Assignment Help has used an example. Consider a situation where a commodity is priced at 2 bucks each and the income of a consumer is 10 bucks. Now, assuming that this person spends all his income, he can buy five goods with his said income of 10 bucks.

Now, consider this situation. Imagine that there has been an inflation of the prices and the same good which was initially priced for 2 bucks is now available for 5 bucks. So, now that same consumer will be able to buy only two units of that product whereas he previously used to be able to buy five units of the same product. Now, this change in the ability to buy a product in a given amount is said to be the purchasing power or the purchasing parity of a consumer in an economy.

Why does inflation happen?
So, now that you have understood the basic terms, it is time for you to learn the causes of inflation. Our team of Inflation Homework Help at My Homework Help has categorized the causes under two heads. They are:

  • Demand pull inflation – This is a very common phenomenon. This type of inflation takes place when the demand for a product becomes so high that it is unable to meet the supply. This enables the sellers to increase the prices so that they will be able to earn more amounts of profits for themselves.
  • Cost push inflation – This happens when the cost of the raw materials increases. Thus, when the cost of raw materials increases, the cost of production increases too, thereby leading to a rise in the price of the product, thus resulting in inflation.

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