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It is not always easy for a student to write a high-quality assignment due to various reasons. Assignments are an important part of education. Through assignments and homework, a student can learn a lot of things which might even help him or her in exams too. Our infinitely repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma assignment help tutors explain the topic in simple words and provide them with everything a student would require to create a high-quality assignment.

What is Prisoner’s Dilemma?

This is considered to be standard example of one game which was analyzed in the game theory. It shows and proves that why two individuals may not consider cooperating though it might appear as their best interest. It was framed by Melvin Dresher and Merrill Flood in 1950. This game was named prisoner’s dilemma when Albert Tucker with rewards of prison sentence made the game formal in 1992.

Example of Prisoner’s Dilemma

A criminal gang’s two members are imprisoned after getting arrested. Both the prisoners are kept in solitary confinement without any way of communicating with one another. There is no sufficient evidence with the prosecutors to convict them on principal charge. Both of them hope to be incarcerated for a year or less. Our infinitely repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma homework help provides more examples on this.

Each prisoner is offered a bargain by the prosecutors simultaneously. Both the prisoners are offered to betray one another by testifying that the other one committed that crime or by staying silent cooperate with one another. The offer stands like this:

  • If both betray each other, they both serve 2 years in the prison
  • If one betrays, then the one who betrayed is set free and other one serves 3 years inside prison
  • If both of them are silent the both will serve 1 year or less in prison.

Prisoner’s Dilemma Strategy

An assumption is made where it is understood that both the gang members understand it but still to each other there’s no loyalty. No opportunity for reward or retribution outside this game. Irrespective of what both decide, each of them is presented with higher rewards if one betrays the other.  More strategies are provided in detail in our infinitely repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma assignment help.

Generalized Form

The traditional structure of Prisoner’s Dilemma from the original setting can be made general. For example, two players are addressed by colors blue and red. Each player can choose to defect or cooperate.  To gather more on this go through our infinitely repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma homework help.

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