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What is Industrial Safety?

This Industrial Safety homework help will give you a simplified definition of Industrial Safety to give you a clear understanding of what this subject entails. Industrial Safety refers to the various preventive measures that industries need to have in place to protect their employees and the environment around them in case of accidents of any sort. These measures operate as a safety net to neutralize any possible damage in the event of a malfunctioning process that exceeds its control measures.

Industrial Safety systems are extensive in hazardous industrial plants like nuclear plants and oil and gas plants. They are also used extensively in process industries that use chemical, physical, mechanical or electrical procedures as part of their manufacturing process.However, Industrial Safety countermeasures are essential to the safety of all big industries, even harmless ones like bread or cold drink factories. Our Industrial Safety assignment help will explore every aspect of Industrial Safety with you and help clear all your doubts.

Industrial Safety Systems

Our Industrial Safety homework help from will show you how Industrial Safety Systems are classified into two categories:

  • Process control systems
  • Safety systems

Both systems may also be merged into a single process under the umbrella term Integrated Control and Safety System.

  • Process control systems or any other forms of control systems can begin with a safety integrity level 1 certification (SIL1).
  • All Industrial Safety Systemshowever, require systems with a minimum safety integrity level 2 certification (SIL2).

Types of Industrial Safety Systems

To give you a throw understanding of the subject, our Industrial Safety assignment help will you to go over some basic safety systems preferred by process industries and heavy industries:

  • Most industries need to have an efficient Process Shutdown System that put an end to malfunctions in process systems as soon as they are detected.
  • They require an exhaustive Safety Shutdown System that includes both Emergency Shutdown systems (ESD) and Emergency Depressurization systems (EDS).

Why do we need Industrial Safety Systems?

This Industrial Safety homework help will help you appreciate the need for Industrial Safety in all major industries:

  • These systems are designed to prevent flooding, contamination, escaped hydrocarbons or fire outbreaks.
  • They shut down and isolate the parts of the system that have been compromised.
  • They isolate hydrocarbons or electrical equipment that may catch fire or combust.
  • They provide emergency ventilation in case of a leak or seal off sections of the equipment into water tight or air tight areas.

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