Industrial Economics Market Structures Made Easy for Students

What is industrial economics?

Industrial economics is a branch of economics that deals with the relationship between a firm and a market. This includes various boundaries and real life complexities that simplified and idealized market structures misrepresent. When analysing how an industry operates in a market, it’s progress or depends on factors like costs of transaction, availability of information, barriers of entry for new industries and varying forms of imperfect competition, monopoly and government regulations. It is important to find Industrial Economics assignment help that provides you with sufficient information on these subtopics.

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Market structures

Market structure is a huge part of Industrial economics and your Industrial Economics homework help must explain them in detail. Some of these structures are ideal situations, while others are present in many economic areas. It is useful to understand the significance and working of these markets.

  • Monopoly

As you go through the Industrial Economics assignment help you will learn that monopoly is the easiest of the market systems to remember. A monopoly market exists when these is a single or lone producer or seller of a good that is unavailable anywhere else. A firm that has monopolized a commodity (especially if it is a necessity) has free reign over price discrimination. This sort of industry is hard to find these days, but they may be seen with sellers of life saving drugs and medical essentials.

  • Duopoly

In a duopoly market, there are just two sellers of a particular good. They can choose to work together, which is beneficial for their businesses, or they can work on their own terms and policies. If they work together, they can set the rate at which the commodity is sold and thus control the prices discrimination and profit they make. If they compete, they might run at a loss in an effort to try and monopolize the product and draw more consumers. This market structure can be seen among many large industries like Airbus and Boeing, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile software, DC Comics and Marvel Comics, Apple and Microsoft, etc.

  • Oligopoly

Oligopoly, perfect competition, imperfect competition are all rather complicated market systems to study, you will require steady and accurate Industrial Economics homework help in order to understand it all. Oligopoly is a market system in which there are a small number of sellers of a product. One seller’s decision to raise or decrease their prices, quality of product or policies affects the market for all the other sellers as well. Oligopoly is, perhaps, the most popular form of market that we find in everyday situations.

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