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There are certain steps which need to be followed in order to apply or use activity-based costing system of Plastim. Generally, there are seven steps to this approach and also have three specific guidelines for refinement of this costing process (identification of cost allocation bases, tracing the increased direct cost and creating a cost of indirect pools. These have a relationship of cause and effect with costs in cost pool). This is clearly given in our implementing activity-based costing at plastim homework help.

Implementing the Steps

While using this system, seven steps can be implemented. These steps are very important and should be known by all in order to write assignments or homework without any trouble. These steps are given below in short for a better understanding of the topic. To know more seek our implementing activity-based costing at plastim assignment help at

Identifying Chosen Object Cost

Step one is to identify products which are chosen objects. Plastim’s goal is first calculating total costs and then calculate cost per unit of designing, manufacturing, and distribution of lenses made by the company.

Identifying Direct Costs of Produced Goods

Step two helps in identifying direct costs of produced goods. To identify the direct cost of these lenses direct material and direct manufacturing costs of labor also maintenance cost and mold cleaning as these can be easily traced to a specific unit of molds and lens. Implementing activity-based costing at plastim homework help describes this in detail.

Selection of Activities for Allocating Indirect Cost of Goods

Step three is selecting all the activities or tasks and allocating all bases of cost in order to allocate products’ indirect cost.  Refining for a cost system Plastim classifies six different activities like designing, machine setup, operations of machines, shipping, distribution, and administration to allot indirect costs to goods.

Assigning Budget of Indirect Cost

In step four Plastim assigns budget of indirect cost. This is on the basis of relationship of cause and effect between cost and allocation base of cost for a task or activity.  For a more detailed report ask our implementing activity-based costing at plastim assignment help. Other than these there are three more steps when implementing activity-based costing at Plastim. Below, in short, are described:

  • In step five the rate of per unit of all cost of allocating base is computed
  • Step six is for computing all the indirect costs which are allotted to products
  • And lastly, in step seven overall costs of goods are computed by adding total direct and indirect costs which were allocated to goods. To know about the steps in detail contact our implementing activity-based costing at plastim homework help.

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