Implementation, Analysis, Control and Evaluation Assignment Help: All That Marketing Students Need to Plan A Strategy!
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However, one certainly needs to have a basic idea on the topic when they have been assigned homework on it. So here it is!

Brief Idea on Implementation, Analysis, Control and Evaluation:
Implementation, analysis, evaluation and control are the four pillars on which the whole of marketing strategy is based. Remove one of these pillars and the entire structure collapses.

Implementation: Like the word suggests, it is actually putting a plan or a strategy into work, that is, the steps which are adopted by a company for its marketing procedure. For instance, these strategies might involve advertisements, push-mails and discounts. If the implementation goes wrong, the marketing strategy will naturally fail.

Analysis: This needs to be done prior to the implementation, the market needs to be analyzed and so does the strategy in order to avoid all kinds of loopholes.

Evaluation: It involves studying the results of an implemented strategy. It is concerned with the quantitative aspect, that is, money earned, product sold etc. and also the qualitative aspect which mainly concerns customer satisfaction. If a strategy turns out to be successful after evaluation, it can be implemented again; else the company would require new improved strategies.

Control: Controls are necessary to achieve success. They set a margin or a limit to which the plan is to aspire. It sets certain goals which are to be achieved as well as certain limits such as the budget which are to be maintained.

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