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An imperfect competition in the market indicates any economic marketplace that contradicts thorough standards of a theoretical absolutely competitive market. An imperfect market comes up whenever individual buyers and sellers can manipulate the market prices or production or the situation when the market actors are not aware of the perfect information.

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Many small businesses function under the condition of dominating the competition. Many restaurants operating offer something different and illustrate the uniqueness of the dish and this way they are monopolizing the prices. With our imperfect competition homework help, you can thoroughly understand the workings of the subject based on the deep economic principals.

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Characteristics of monopolistic ally competitive market

The monopolistic competitive market reveals the following characteristics.

  • The cost of production each firm makes its own decision for pricing of a product.
  • Knowledge about the product is widely spread to the participant/customers, but the perfection of the product is not assured until and unless the customer verifies.
  • There is freedom to enter or exit the market without any barriers.
  • The products are differentiated the monopolistic competition feature.

There are four main types of differentiations which are as follows and based on-

  • Physical product
  • Human capital differentiation
  • Marketing differentiation and
  • Differentiation through distribution.

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Imperfect competition makes firms deviate from usual business.

The businesses deviate to different ways in the imperfect competition as follows

  • Firms become price makers and are faced with sloping demand curve.
  • Firms engage in a heavy advertisement under fierce competition with competitive local firms.
  • Firms are supposed to profit maximizes.
  • There are numerous independent firms competing in the market.

Important features of imperfect competition

  1. Number of firms

A lot of the firmspose stiff competition among the other firms. These firms do not produce the perfect product, but they resemble with one another.

  1. Product differentiation

The firms take out the differentiated products, but actually, they are the close substitute of each other and thus there is close price competition. Our manuals as imperfect competition assignment help will help you sail through the topics.

  1. Absence of firm’s independence

Under oligopoly, the firms become dependent on each other and cannot independently decide the price of the product.

  1. Freedom of entry and exit

Lured by the profit of the existing firms, the new firms enter the market in haste, but as they cannot sustain the stiff competition, they have to exit the market quickly.

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