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Imagine Students’ Life Where Homework Does Not Exist

by Jun 23, 2016Homework Help

‘Homework’ is a common term that has been deeply involved in educational and academic societies. The teachers speak about the benefits of homework in a student’s life, but the students, in turn,are usually not much fond of this idea.Students, who are truly restless to get back home after school for doing their homework, are barely found.The general students, however, mostly have complaints about too much pressure of tough and tricky homework assigned by their institutes.This situation must be considered seriously as the majority of students are involved in it.
Most teachers believe that the amount of homework solved by a student is proportional to their success in academic careers.Whether this belief is true or not, is really a controversial matter for our society. This controversy is the root of a silent cold war that has been going on since long between most students and their teachers or guardians. As you can see,this entire situation has its root buried in ‘homework’. So, now imagine a world without ‘homework’, a world without such controversies, a world where students have little to complain! Will that not be good from a student’s point of view? Let us discuss a bit about such a world.
Every new idea or change has two opposite sides – one good and other bad. The concept of a homework-free world is no exception. It has its own advantages and disadvantages which are to be considered.
From a student’s perspective, such a world is very interesting and enjoyable. It is like their world of dream which have been awaiting them for several ages. The points of attraction are:

  • No pressure of studies

The first and the foremost point of advantage for a student is that they will be relieved from all strict schedules of studying and doing home assignments.Their teachers will never give them homework and their guardians will not force them to study.When students will come back home after spending several exhausting hours of studying in their institutes, they will have time to rest without a burden of submitting assignments within a deadline.This stress free environment helps in development of the brain and mind of a student.

  • Utilize time as desired

Initially, if there was homework to do, a student had to follow a strict schedule or routine for studying and doing homework which left little time for other involvements as desired by them. But without homework, now they can spend their time as they wish to.
They can have enough time:

  • Forgetting online on their social media accounts,
  • For playing indoor and outdoor games,
  • For chatting with their friends,
  • For hangouts and dates or other engagements that they might have an interest in.

Such extra curricular activities and involvements of students make them energetic, healthy and their minds fresh and evergreen. Apart from that, students serious about their education can utilize this stress-free flexible routine to learn their subjects properly and vividly grasping underlying concepts in them which are the true aspects of learning.

  • Less academic anxiety

Due to pressures of studies and worries about not violating deadlines, scoring in their tests and all often makes students very anxious. This anxiety can even take the form of a phobia or trauma about classes and assignments in case of certain students. In a homework-free world, such traumas are reduced to a minimum. Students do not have to carry any burden of home assignments and their deadlines and hence not much to be so anxious about.This ensures proper mental health of a student and keeps them far from nervous break downs.

  • Better classes

If there is no homework for teachers to assign to their students, then they must fulfill all academic requirements during their lectures and classes. Thus,classes in their institute will become better. Students will get a lot more care from their teachers during classes.They will be assigned classwork which is to be solved then and there and if any doubt or query arises, their teacher will clarify it or guide them immediately.There can be no better way of learning than this. This process will make classes more interesting and useful.
There can be many immediate advantages of a no-homework world in the eyes of students, but it is certainly not so beneficial in certain aspects on the long run.

  • Little Self-study

Self-study is an important part of learning. It is not possible for you to do well in your studies and tests if you leave everything upto your teachers and learn nothing yourself. Not all students are studious – most of them are not. If there is no homework to do, those students will never study themselves at home. Assignment of scheduled homework is necessary to keep such students on the right track. Thus, a world without homework may seem lucrative and advantageous but it will do only harm to most students in the end.

  • Weaknesses in learning

It is the application power of a person which determines the strength and depth of their learning. Homework is your first step to apply what you are learning. This application makes your ideas and concepts bolder and clearer as you learn them and apply to your assignments. If there is no homework then this first step for testing one’s learning will vanish. This will leave behind loopholes and lags in their education which will reveal themselves in future and cause several troubles.

  • No exam preparations

The questions assigned by our teachers in our homework not only help us to increase our answering skills but also shows us the pattern of questions to be expected in our exams. Remember, the non-existence of homework does not mean that our world will also be free from tests, exams, grades and thoughts about career. All of themare still there in a homework free world. So, if there is no homework assigned to students neither will their answering skills improve nor will their learning become bold enough. Moreover, they will also not get any idea about test questions and their patterns. After this, when they will sit for their exams, they will face a new challenge each time as they are not prepared. Need less to say, their exams will not go as desired for a prosperous career.
These are a few main advantages and disadvantages of a ‘world where homework does not exist’. It is a very sensitive controversial issue whether such a world is more disadvantageous or rather beneficialfor ourstudent community. But we would better not go into that. It is for you to decide howwell or bad is this world and to analyze its influences and effects on our society. However, students of this era must remember thatno matter whatever controversies are there, our world is still the one with ‘homework’. So, they should manage their time to sincerely do their homework as well as enjoy their leisure.Also, keep in your mind that homework is not everything about education there are other “things teachers expect from students before giving homework”. Try to follow them too.