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If C and C++ Give the Best Performance, Why Do We Still Code in Other Languages?

by Sep 28, 2015Programming

Are you a programmer of C and C++? There are many other programming languages that give you quick coding services. Why a person select these languages when he is getting a complete benefit from any other language? Are you getting the points? Let us know about programming languages to know the proper response.

What is the need of any other language?

Look and think of some points, and then make your selection for an exact language-

1. Some programs are small and need to execute just within few commands. You have many other options in these days to get the in-built functions which are easy to use. So, you can select other programming languages. These are having much more flexibility to use.

2. Sometimes for a large programming you may take two months in coding in C or C++, but at the same time you can easily complete the same programming language in a fortnight. So, why will you waste your time for the same programming?

3. Though C or C++ accessibility is fast, you can do it easily by improving data model to gain a higher speed.

4. You can easily acquire the result just by making programs in a fast manner to use it quickly. For a business purpose, you can deliver a project fast.

Henceforth, you can easily get that why other programming languages are used by the programmer even there is C/C++ programs that returns completely accurate solution. But, one thing is completely true that C and C++ are used by the programmers for a long time. So, these are known by almost all programmers and they can easily use it. Everything is suitable if it executes properly at run time with high speed. So, grab the best as per your requirement. You can also get about “How do I hide a data member of a structure in C Language?”