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I Don’t Feel Like Doing Homework! What Are the Reasons Behind?

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Students usually hate homework. Irrespective to varied academic courses, you will hardly found a student who loves doing homework. So, the question remains is it really helpful? I don’t feel like doing homework is a common thought that evokes in every class of students. Doing assignments may be helpful only when the related topic gives you further scope to explore. There are some teachers who will emphasis on having better knowledge on subject which can be of great help in future.
Reasons to avoid doing homework

  • A boring activity:

Unless you are different, there is a chance of understanding this feeling. There is a chance of gaining interest on home task only if it offers some extra value to your study. The main objective of doing the assignment at home is to make your brain highly functional and enhance the artistic and logical part of your brain. Assignments can be interesting only if a sense of competition is developed among students. It is important to build up a team work and help them to interact with other people. This can lead to positive development among children.

  • Very much difficult:

The reason behind getting a thought of “I don’t feel like doing homework” is because of difficulty level experienced in handling school activities at home. To give a sense of relaxation to students, it is vital to come up with necessary help such as grammar references need to be attached at the end of student’s book, assigning a simple task depending on academic level and giving them the same exercise that is done in school while keeping away their copies. This would help teachers to analyze the grasping power of students.

  • Unable to understand instructions:

One of the common excuses that are given by students is that they fail to understand instructions. Writing out instruction on board and making it simple for students, is very vital. Once students get an idea about how to deal with their work, it simplifies their task which becomes quite easy to manage. Simple term and language needs to be adopted by teachers that help in better understanding.
I don’t feel like doing homework as the task appears to be very simple and easy one. This is a very rare reason that you would hear from any students. In case, the work is OK with most students, it signifies that some person will take it to be too easy. If you want to make homework a really challenging task, then eliminate multiple choice answers and fill in the blanks by yourself. Task needs to be completed within time limit and get the answers do orally before writing down answers.
Students procrastinate in their homework

  1. Lack of clarity:

It seems that students are usually confused by their assignments and they are not aware of how to do it properly. They are even not aware what to be expected of them. You will be able to understand it better. Assignments become problematic for students who are not sure of the outcome of any work. Usually, students try to manage work at night before the deadlines which lead to lack of information in subject.

  1. Stay strict to time limit:

It is often found that students are highly optimistic about every activity. But, when it comes to handling of assignment students usually fail to manage time. Students found out to overestimate the time while completing assignment. Ultimately, it is found that they fail to keep up the time and unable to complete within stipulated time period.

  1. Forgetting about task:

It is usually found thatstudents often say I don’t feel like doing homework and this leads to forgetting of task. The task can be easily got outlined due to distraction and missing of classes. So, remember to keep task on time and do not leave it for last minute activity. Technically speaking, though it cannot be said as procrastination, as students do not resist in doing work, but simply realize the need for doing it on time.
I don’t feel like doing homework….why?
When teachers do not give a deadline, this ensures that students can obviously deliver their work late without incurring any penalty. Students need to keep in mind that it should be completed within stipulated time and take task seriously. Without any consequences and thinking of deadlines, you are discouraging procrastination!
I don’t feel like doing homework as I don’t know from where to start! When anyone takes their assignment as a whole rather than thinking of managing well in series of steps, it turns out to be difficult. Stick to managing them within deadlines while handling it step-by-step. Once you start doing the task, it becomes a necessary act to proceed through every step.
Avoid homework hassles
Why do I get tired when doing homework? Understand the ways to manage it. It is often found that students get tired while doing work it is because they get bored with it or find it hectic to manage well.

  • Relax and take a break:

Though it sounds to be a silly thing, but it is vital to relax for some time before you start to do work. Always stay relaxed and understand that homework should never create a problem in family.

  • Stop nagging your children:

Often kids say “I don’t feel like doing homework”. It is because parents usually nag their children to do homework. Do you always remind your children to do work? Finishing on time is very necessary, but still it becomes useless to nag children as this can create a mess and as students they may lose interest on doing work.
I don’t feel like doing homework, as you think it is monotonous and to make it interesting, homework should be done in a fun way. As teacher it is the sole responsibility to encourage students in completion of work. The main responsibility is to complete homework on time without creating any hassles. Students can also focus on rewarding after completion of their work within time frame. This helps them to do work with more enthusiasm and you will never feel like neglecting homework.