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Bit about the topic

Human body is an organism. It is made of several organs and these organs are made of tiny cells and tissues. All the big and small parts of a human body work together in an organized way to keep us healthy and alive. This systematic way, of these organs, working together is known as organic system and our different body parts are involved in different systems. A human body is consisting of such twelve organic systems. If you want to learn more please contact myhomeworkhelp.com for a human organization homework help.

Basic concept

Here we can provide you some basic idea about the human organs and there organization. But if you required more you can get in touch with us for a human organization assignment help.

  • Cells are the tiniest parts of a human body and nucleus is the most important part of a cell. Lot of cells together form a tissue.
  • Tissues are the next important parts of human body. Different tissues organized together to make different organs. According to their work they are of different types such as: Connective tissues  form bones and cartilages that form human skeleton
  • Mussel tissuesmake our body mussel that give our skeleton a shape and helps to move.
  • Epithelial tissues together make our skin to protect our mussels. Our skin is one of our sense organ.
  • Nervous tissues are formed by nerves cells and neurons. They make a connection of entire human body with the brain through five sense organs viz. eyes, ears nose, tongue and skin. If you are puzzled ask for a human organization homework help.
  • Organs are the next important parts of human body after tissues. They are made upof different tissues and work together for different organic systems. if you don’t
  • Organic systems helpin different metabolism and catabolism to keep us fit, healthy and immune. The most important organic systems are:
  • Digestive system, that helps to digest the food that we have to provide us proper nutrients.
  • Respiratory system helps to breathe. It purifies the blood by breath out harm full carbon dioxide which we take from the environment along with oxygen at the time of breathing. Lungs are the most important organ in this system.
  • Circulative system helps to distribute purified blood with oxygen all over our body through arteries. Heart is the most important organ in this system.
  • Excretory system helps to excrete the body excreta from our body hence, purifies the blood. Kidneys and intestines are the most important parts in this system.

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