Accumulated knowledge and skills of humans are taken as a fundamental source which they use for increasing their labor productivity. It is known as human capital growth. With every latest discovery and the spread of that knowledge helps in the growth of human capital. This knowledge helps people know more and use that discovery to make their lives better.

When it comes to productivity in the earliest gaining major aspect, writing comes first. It is taken as a basic human skill which is still developing. Our ability to write and make written records made it easy to understanding and gaining benefits from trade and specialization. It would not be possible if those recorded were just in the form of memories that were handed down in an abstract way.

With passing time and mathematical development, it made our efforts minimal and also gave us an extended knowledge regarding biological, chemical, and physical forces. This knowledge came as a base for technical advancement during the Industrial Revolution and even in present revolution.

However, much of human capital is not only humble but also highly productive. It can be seen and understood in the form of hundreds and thousands of people who are utilizing this information. They are replicating these learning’s, there by using it for production process.

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