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How to Write an Essay? Get Your Queries Answered!

by Jun 14, 2017Writing

There are many ways in which an essay can be written down. But the most common and standard essay format follows the same pattern. It starts with an introduction to the subject and ends with a conclusion. The most important information is incorporated in the body of the essay. Clearly, how to write an essay is one point that has to be taken into consideration.

Forming a meaningful and good essay is a basic for all academic purpose. However writing a proper essay is an art which can be mastered only by practice and by following some basic steps. Here, through this blog, I am going to help you out so that you may master the art of writing an essay.

Step by step guide to proper essay writing

There are certain simple steps that should be followed in order to write a good essay.

  1. First and foremost select a topic. Topic selection can depend on your knowledge and area of interest. Selection of topic depends whether you wish to write an informative essay, an event or a descriptive one. Hence you should be clear as to which types of topics are you most comfortable with. After you are done with choosing the most appropriate topic, you should define your purpose. Whatever be the type of essay, your purpose should be very clear.
  2. Once you are done with choosing an appropriate topic and your purpose is to make a rough sketch of the topic. The structure of the topic should be your next priority, and you should be clear with the structure that you choose. The point regarding how to write an essay should be clear before one and all!
  3. Next, you should focus on the body. Body is the most important part of an essay. It either makes your essay or breaks it. Hence you should make the body as informative as possible. It should consist of points, heads, and subheads. It should not be boring. No one loves to read a boring long essay without any interest.
  4. While writing an essay, you should use certain catchy lines, ornamental words what would enhance your essay and give it a more appealing sense. So, students should know how to write an essay in detail.
  5. Your essay should have a nice conclusion at the end. It brings an end to the essay. You may sum up some important points and give your own idea and view to make it more interesting and helpful

How is writing dissertation different from writing an essay?                               

One common mistake that everyone makes is that the think that writing essay and dissertation is more or less same. But there is a thin line of different between the two. Dissertation writing is more of a research work, which is different than that of dissertation. Hence one should not mix up between the two. Dissertation includes a more extensive and elaborates work, unlike an essay. If you want to know more about Dissertation writing, you can check out Tips regarding how to write a dissertation, to get some lucrative idea about how to write a dissertation.

How to plan out outline for your essay?

It is always tricky to chalk out the outline for an essay. But it is one of the most important works as outline provides guideline for the writer. If one is about to plan out the outline properly, then it would result in a smooth flow of subject. The outline should summarize the essay. It is an important part of your essay writing.

To plan out the outline of the essay one should first read the topic carefully. Then they should try to gather relevance information and make a rough sketch before writing the actual essay. One should always ask for clarification if there is any confusion regarding the topic. So, it is imperative that you note how to write an essay in an easy manner.

One should jot down all the ideas whatever is striking them before they end up forgetting the topic. Another most important thing to use proper punctuation and spelling while writing an essay. One should also take care of grammatical errors while writing an essay. Another most important thing is to identify your audience and write according to the aptitude of the audience.

You should try to anticipate there reaction by putting yourself in their place. You should be able to anticipate whether your essay would make them happy, angry, sad, and emotional or something else.

Try to use as many bulletins as possible and try to estimate the number of bulletins from beforehand. Also one has to determine whether to use small phases or full sentences in the essay. Whatever be it, it should be meaningful.

Also while making the outline one should keep in mind the important and less important points. While writing the essay, they should be able to blend it well and place both the information in a symmetric manner. Lastly, you should be about to match up the word limit. Your essay should be neither too short not too big nor boring.

A parting note!

In conclusion, writing an essay is more of art. One can only master the art of writing essay through regular practice. The above steps would definitely help you to better your essay writing skills.