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How to Write a Good Essay – Few Tips to Enhance Your Writing Skill

by Feb 23, 2017Writing

Doing some preparation before writing an essay will help in figuring out the time one spend to write an essay? It will also help you in keeping focusfor the task given. One must be properly aware about strength and weakness especially related to the writing skills. For instance, if you do not have a good vocabulary so at the time of preparing for an essay, keep your focus on searching good vocabulary that can be used at the time of writing an essay. Make a schedule in such a way that it should have proper breaks to make mind refreshed.

Plan for writing a project

  • Do consideration of essay questions and arguments related to the topic
  • Take a break
  • Doing some research work
  • Do the outlining of essay
  • Take a break for lunch
  • After that start the process of writing with the help of all the research work.
  • Take a break again
  • After essay was written, do revision and editing work
  • Submit the essay

Consider essay writing as always a question for which you need to give answer

The moment you got to know about the topic, start considering it as a question. After that find ways to make an argument on the same topic for which you need some brainstorming at primary level. Although it will not be a direct research but will help in making the process go quickly. The aim of doing this is that one should know properly what exactly essay is about and what answer you need to deliver.

Developing the argument or thesis: 

Always prefer to make an argument of the thesis by the way of making evidence that too new. Make sure that thesis or argument that you are presenting should go hand in hand with your research so as to make writing process go smoothly.  Doing counter arguments will help in strengthening the essay.

The best way to figure out the question is to think in mind some questions that are:

  • What is the topic?
  • What do want to know related to that topic?
  • Where do you want to make your argument goes?

Do proper research on the topic:

One need to do proper research on the topic that helps in the construction of the argument and proper formation of the body of the essay. Research can be done either with the help of journals or any primary sources of the library.

As every time student do not have much time for writing an essay so the student should never waste much time in doing research work. The student needs to know where research can be done in a best possible way internet or library. Stay focus in one or two places. Able to find the reliable sources that are peer review journals, university websites, magazines, newspapers and governments.

Always prefer to do a preliminary form of research via online as here you can find sources from the library, go on to websites and newspaper articles.

Note down all the research work: Note down all the points that you have to find a research related to the essay.  It is like have bibliographic information and footnotes.

Draw proper outlining of the essay

Do proper construction of outlining of your essay. It will help in expediting the process of writing an essay. Apart from that one can make a proper identification of areas where you need more development. Structuring an outline means drawing an outline of introduction, the body of article and conclusion. The more you work for outline an essay, easier it will be writing an essay and lesser time it will take.

When you are new in writing an essay, never set a fixed time, although setting time will help you in writing an essay quickly but on the other hand will also put a pressure on yourself. All you need to do is just that when you start working on essay make sure that there should no distractions. Only need to set a proper working environment for the same and do a free writing.

Proper organisation of material and it should at the side of the student at the time of writing an essay. Take all the things that are necessary for writing an essay. Also, keep some snacks with you as it will help in boosting up your energy level.

To make your essay good, make a catchy headline

An introduction should be written in such a way that it should attract the reader well and get it explained about the topic of the essay. It is able to hold the attention of a reader to read and go through the body of the essay.

The introduction should reflect thesis and argument as it explains the reader about the point which you are trying to represent in your essay. One should end with the fact that how you further make a demonstration of the points related to an essay. The rule of writing the best introduction for the essay is that it should only be 10% of an essay that is not more than one paragraph.

How should be the body of the essay?

Make sure that when you started writing the body of the essay, it should contain a relevant point that goes hand in hand with the essay and support well with the arguments that you have set for the essay.

Do proper analysing of the points which will do strengthening of your argument. Focus only on two or three main points and stick to only those points to explaining the topic of the essay. To support the arguments, make use of the best evidence. It the makes the essay more interesting to read for a reader.

Never write long sentences in the essay

Prefer to write short sentences at the time of writing an essay, writing long sentences lead to increase of chances of doing grammatical errors. Apart from sentences, the language should also be simple. Avoid using too much of jargons, phrases, usage of passive verbs or complex words.

How to draft the conclusion of essay

Make sure that like an introduction, end of the essay that is conclusion should also reflect the argument that you have set for an essay. The argument should present as a summary of the essay so as it leaves a strong impression in the mind of the reader.  Like an introduction, the conclusion should also be only 5-10% of the whole essay. The conclusion is like reinstating thesis and evidence that you make its use in your essay.

Apart from that one can also do acknowledgement of the limitations and mention the suggestions for future research related to the same.

In the last must do proper revision and proofread the essay?

Revision and proofreading are very much essential, no matter how good is your essay, small mistakes one always find at the time of revision. Proofreading and revision will make your article error free and leaves a good impression of yours.

Reading again the essay will help in making your sure that essay is going on the same argument which was set in the beginning until the end. Revision and proofreading include grammar and spelling mistakes and transitions of sentences. Overall quality of article improvised with the help of proofreading and revision.

Good introduction and conclusion are keys to writing a good essay. Follow all the tips, writing a good essay will no longer remain a time consuming and a difficult task.