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How to Teach Statistics Better Than Anyone Else

by Oct 1, 2016Statistics

It is basically a practical theory of any scientific queries and it is also a formal science. Both these aspects are taken into account while studying Statistics.
Main features of Statistics:

  • Like Math, Logic and Computer science, Statistics also has some similar concerns.
  • Along with all these Statistics also deals with correct reasoning based on proper evidence.
  • It also analyzes the data
  • Statistics also shares a strong relationship with other subjects like Psychology, and Chemistry
  • Mathematician and Statisticians also work together. Both the subjects belong to the department of Mathematical sciences in all schools and colleges.
  • The course of Statistics is often taught by non- statistician. Those who belong to the group of mathematical sciences often teach Statistics in schools and colleges.
  • A series of periodic research reveals that Statistics is an unique discipline and is needed by all in their daily lives

If you want to teach Statistics to your child you have to be very aware of the subject. This subject seems to be easy as it is used in our daily lives, but at the same time is very tricky.
Learn some important tips to teach Statistics better than anyone else:

  • Know about the most important things:

Help your child to get prepared few weeks before his exams. Teach him that Statistics can’t be learned in a single day. He can’t study whole study whole night just the day before his exams. Proper understanding and studying regularly is the most important thing.

  • Teach him to memorize the definition:

It is true that you have to memorize all the definitions. Along with memorizing them, try to comprehend each of them individually. Actually your duty is to teach him the way he should apply each and every definition in his daily life. Let him ask whether he is able to apply them to relate with his real life situations. If your child can successfully apply them, then it proves that e has understood the bottom meaning

  • Help him to work out many problems:

Encourage your child to study from textbooks, guide books, reference books as much as he can. Help him to work out with his daily homework and encourage him to search the internet. You must teach him the use of internet.

  • Let him form a study group:

You can advise your child to form a study group, where they can discuss about problems with their close buddies. While in a group check that he is also taking active role in solving problems. It will be of no use to be in a group and if the rest of other mates solve the entire work. If he doesn’t participate actively, then his score can never be up to the mark.

  • Collect all information:

Discuss with your friends, seniors and with your teachers also about the kind of questions that may come, about the complicated problems also. You have to be clever enough to understand the notes and textbooks.

  • Teach your child to learn from mistakes:

Tell your child not to panic about the mistakes he is making. It is one of the greatest ways to learn from one’s own mistakes. Let him go over and over to the mistakes he has made. Let him think freely and then help him to focus on the main point.
Nobody can master a subject just by practicing those portions where he has already excelled at. You have to help him work out on the topics where your child is fumbling. While teaching your child you can apply these 9 secret techniques to improve Statistics homework.

  • Help him to overcome his math anxiety:

Most people dread away as soon as they hear about Math. They suffer from a preconceived notion that Math is a fearful subject. You must teach your child some relaxation techniques, with which he can overcome his sheer anxiety and worries.
The techniques can be of: breathing exercises, meditation, chanting a mantra or encourage him to listen to some soothing music. If you think it as a serious problem with your child, then immediately consult with counselors, study skill center or from any advertisement. These types of centers may provide some ways to remove math anxiety from kids.

  • Teach him to take help from professors whenever needed:

As a parent it is your responsibility to teach your child to be a smart and courageous boy. He should always ask questions in the class and sort out all his queries. If needed you can go to school and meet his teacher. You can discuss about all the problems the child is facing. The teachers will generously help you and solve all your problems.  You must explain him that teachers are there to help you as a bosom friend and they are not his enemies. You can even take help from online academic professionals for greater support.

  • Teach him to be honest:

Teach him from the beginning that cheating is a punishable offence. It will eventually reduce his self esteem and character and as a result his dignity and ethical standards will be shattered. The precious time that a child spends on cheating kills his important study time. After so much effort, if the child gets caught then he will be seriously punished.

  • Teach him to keep his goals high:

It is your duty as a parent to teach him that learning a subject properly is more important than scoring high. His world should not revolve around mere high grades in an exam. Even if he fails to score high, he should not feel devastated. His goals should be much broad and high.