How to Overcome the Fear of Examinations in 5 Easy Steps?

By Michelle Johnson
17 May, 2017
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Examinations!! It is a term that many do not like to hear and I am no exception. Unfortunately, everyone has to go through this quite frequently, especially in school and college days. Even if you have a cent percent preparation for your subjects, a certain fear and anxiety would be there in you before your examination day.

There are so many reasons for which this fear appears in us. Few are psychological and few come due to non- preparation in subjects. Well, if you have not prepared for your exams, your fear is obvious and there are no tips to recover the fear. However, if you lack confidence, you can surely get some tips to lessen your pre-exam phobia.

Since exam phobia was becoming a common phenomenon for me, I did some online research. While searching, I found few of the online assignment help websites have beautifully penned down many articles relating to pre-exam fear. I thoroughly read these articles and got some befitting tips which really helped in recovering my phobia. You may read onto this blog to enhance your knowledge about such tips.

Here are best five tips that are antidote to pre-exam phobia:-

  1. Balanced Diet:

One must be very sincere about taking balanced food during examination. Over anxiety and stress lead to an obvious weakness in you and you may get faint on exam day. Hence, it is important that you take a balanced meal during these days. A balanced must contain the following items:-

  • It must contain ample quantity of cereals, which are rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and cellulose.
  • A lot of water is a must for your daily diet. It keeps you calm and helps in proper digestion thereby preventing any bowel trouble on exam day.
  • Fresh fruits to be taken in raw form. It keeps you healthy but at the same time, it does not affect your calorie count. So, you can include lots of fruits in your diet without thinking of your weight gain.
  1. Adequate sleep:

Some students prefer studying whole night before exam day. Believe me, I used to do the same thinking that I would prepare the topic in better manner. This has resulted me to sleep during my exam hours. It is really very embarrassing when you unknowingly sleep in the exam hall and you become the matter of laughter for others. However, it is the worst way of preparation. It rather adds to your stress and anxiety before exam. Therefore, make sure that you go to bed little early than usual time and take a sound sleep.

  1. Workout:

There is a myth among few students that remaining calm and quiet before exam time could help you perform better in exam. Well, it is a total myth. Rather you need to so some aerobic exercises like walking, cycling, running before your exam, subject to the condition that you do not sweat a lot and . These aerobics exercises are better known as score booster.

  1. Thorough Revision of your subject:

When you have to sit for an exam, it is important that you have prepared the subject thoroughly.Never try to learn any new things topic just before the exam day. This will mess up all your other topics and your preparation will go wrong.

Just you thoroughly revise the topics which you have prepared in well manner and you are sure about them. A quick glance to all the topics helps you to remember them properly. Here are few tips on how to revise:

  • The best way of revising your subject is to get up little early in the morning. This is time when you mind is fresh and free from all tension.
  • Finish up your morning rituals and sit on your study table with your notes.
  • Do not lean down your bed while revising. This makes you feel sleepy and your zeal to study becomes null.
  1. Leisure time of short duration:

Thinking of recreational activities seems quite hilarious, but believe me it really works. I never used to watch TV or listen to songs before the exam day. I had a perception that I will forget my topics if I engage myself into such leisure activities. However, these really work to boost your exam preparation. So, it is better that you watch your favorite show or listen to your best song.

I was quite impressed with these steps and these tips had really helped me to recover my pre-exam phobia to a great extent.I am sure that these steps would surely impress you too.

In addition to these, there are certain things you should not do before your exam day. Just has a quick glance on such things which are mentioned below:-

  • Do not cram the topics:

When you do not have clear perception of any topic, you may start cramming it. It is not a good idea to prepare for something. Cramming requires a lot of effort mentally and you may forget the topics which have already prepared. So, never ever cram any topic on the day before the exam.

  • Do not be all-nighter:

Do not awake whole night. This is not tension reliever, but it is just opposite to it. Rest is highly needed to retain your learning ability and memory. Therefore, make it sure that you are sleeping at night on proper time.

  • Over consumption of caffeine:

It is true that having coffee or tea could give relief to your brain. However, it should not be over consumed. Taking excessive amount of tea or coffee at one day have negative impact on your brain. It reduces learning ability and makes you feel sleepy. So, ensure that you are not taking more than one or two cup of coffee or tea.

You will get many such ideas in professional websites on online assignment help or online homework help, which deal with ideas on how to overcome your exam fear. You may look into these articles for further knowledge on the above topic.

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