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How to Motivate Your Child for Doing His/Her Assignments?

by Oct 1, 2016Assignments

“Your child urges for your presence more than your presents for them.”
I have noticed doing homework is like a nightmare for most of the children. They might like going to school because there are plenty of other things to do at school. But the point is, doing homework isimperative as we all know. It is proved by Victorian schools and Duke University results.
In the UK schools, a survey of 1,000 children was done by MetLife’s 2007Survey of the American Teacher was based on the issues related to homework. The teachers noticed that the children who were regular with their homework had the following benefits:

  • 86% students prepared better for exam
  • 80% children developed good working habits
  • 67% school and college goers developed 3enhanced critical thinking skill
  • 65% of students were more motivated
  • 63% of academician had improved skill and subject knowledge

Now, that I have established how important homework is, at the same time I don’t support sitting with books all day long. At the same time, it is very crucial to make your child complete their assignments on a regular basis.
I know how difficult it can get! I have a firsthand experience with my two boys who are absolutely anti-homework. So I started doing little things that would motivate to do their home assignment on time. Do you want to know how?
Ways to motivate your child for doing his/her assignments
Have you ever realized that the role model for a child is always either of their parents? This is the reason why it is very important to stay involved with your children especially if they are below 12 years.
Now as your child grows, they way to handle them also differs and changes. It is very important to match the pace with your child’s development; this is why there are different ways to handle a child at different ages and stages of school.

  1. Toddlers 2- 5 years; Preschool

They have just started going to school and they feel the world around them is complex. Why? Because for the first 2- 3 years before starting school, they spend most of their time in their comfort zone with their parents. This is the reason why they develop a complex idea about school and don’t appreciate doing further work at home.
Know how to motivate them:

  • Be more communicative

You need to ask and react to everything that your child is doing at school. More they get to talk about it, the entire session of going to school and doing gets easier for them.

  • Surprise your child!

There is nothing better in the world that a mother/father’s company after a tiring day at school. Yes, it’s funny to us but to them, they have just started doing too many activities together. Surprise your child by going to pick him or her after school and maybe after that go to the park or for an ice-cream.

  • Encourage your child

Whatever and however they do, you first appreciated their work before you talk about the flaws. You need to learn to be subtle and master the trick in usingsugarcoated words.

  • Stress-free past-time

Let your toddler choose what they want to do in their free time. You can also enroll them in other activities which the like doing. Also, it is a must to get them into some physical activity.
If you are following these golden rules, you should not have much problem in making them study at home. Be a support and help them with the work they are doing. This way your child will be more interested and motivated to do their homework.

  1. Middle Childhood 6- 12 years; Middle School

This is the age when your child is preparing to get out from your constant supervision and mold themselves to be more independent. This doesn’t mean you will not keep an eye on your growing child.
At this age, it is important that a child develops the healthy habit of studying and doing their assignments. I have seen, most of the students lose their interest in education during their middle school. For this, there are certain things you need to do.
Tips to motivate your middle school child

  • Maintain an open, positive and respectful relationship

It is very important to make your child realize you are on their team and not against them. Never try to manipulate, give them severe punishment or try to preach them strictly. It will not take you anywhere. Talk to them openly and answer to their queries properly.

  • Visit their school

Maintain a good relationship with the school teachers. This will help your child to understand that you are interested to know about their interests, dislikes and progress in studies.

  • Group activities

Trust me my son loves it when I ask him to give me a topic and challenge him by giving another topic to write. It’s a small competition where my husband is the judge. Whoever wins will get a treat from the judge! I have seen my son actually studying and preparing himself with new words so that he wins.
This has helped him a lot and has shown some remarkable improvement.

  • Provide them with expert assistance

Many times, students elude doing homework due to the problems they face. For this reason, you should guide them properly. It is best to provide them with online help services as they can learn more about many subjects from one source. To me, by far this is the best help I have provided to my son.

  1. Teenager 13- 18 years; High school

This is the most delicate time in a child’s life. They have just entered their adolescence period and every parentneeds to handle it very carefully. This is the time when a child suffers from ahormonal change in their body that causes a lot of mood swings and confusions in their mind. It is very usual for them to lose interest in studies.
This is the time when parents need to play their role and help their teens. Be their friend before being their mentor. Make them understand, do not force them.
5 secrets to encourage your adolescent child to study:

  • Compliment them

This is the time they start focusing more on their looks than studies. You should help them to dress better, let your daughter use some of your makeup and ask your husband share his shaving kit. This will give them more confidence and they’ll be able to concentrate more on their studies.

  • Motivate them with your involvement

Let them know that you are there for them. Give them their space when they want but at the time of need stay with them. Take them out to party and at times help them with their school work. Watching amovie together is also a great idea.

  • Never demean them

Usually, when they reach adolescence, they start losing concentration on more important aspects of education. Rather, they spend their time daydreaming. This way it’s natural their grades deteriorate. Don’t scold or punish them, rather make them understand how to prioritize things.

  • Establish expectations

If your adolescent child is expecting you to be more liberal, you also put forward your expectations. You tell them if they score above 70% their pocket money will increase. This trick never fails.

  • Give them professional help

Because they start losing concentration and interest to study, you need to guide them with proper help. This way they can see how assignments should be done and at the same time the pattern and quality of writing be clear to him. If you are looking for some professional site, try online homework help services. It way will help them to realize that you are actually trying to bring them aid and they will put more effort in studies just to make you happy.
All these will encourage your child to do their assignments and score well in academics. For this, they don’t need to sit with their books all day long and everyday which is not a very pleasant thing for children. This way they can again start neglecting to do their studies.
This scenario can easily avoid by teaching your child about Time-management. Sounds technical? I know, but it is very simple. The concept is that your child needs to put less effort, devote less time, but get better results. Read Knowing these 9 secrets will make your homework with time-management look amazing for a better understanding.
I hope this will help you and your kid. Encourage them to aim high and also help them to achieve it. Make your child’s future bright with your motivational skill.