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How to Make a Cordial Relationship with Your Tutor?

by Sep 17, 2016Online Tutoring

The cordial relationship defines a “relationship of the heart”, which is friendly and sincere at the same time. The rapport or bond between teacher and student is always strong and special.
Why is it necessary to maintain a cordial relationship between students and tutors?

  • A teacher is always an important figure in student’s life, he/she takes charge of parents in various dynamics of learning and teach about respective subjects.
  • A private tutor who visit your place, or the one who is attached to your institution are the ones; your parents have faith upon. They have been handed over with your responsibility with just one task, and that is your betterment.
  • No matter how far you fly, you will always be attached to the core values taught in your childhood. I remember one incidence as our English teacher used to say that “do not try to become great, rather work hard to become good”; now I realize the potential of the words spoken by her.
  • Things that have been taught in the primary and secondary level of education are going to travel with you forever, so maintaining a healthy relationship is help you to extract the best.
  • A negative bonding is like a slow poison, if someone doesn’t gel up with you well, you are bound to get negative affirmations and learning towards life. The ability to see the world as it is one of the best paths to lead a fruitful and happy life.
  • The one, who can’t see things as they appear is showing his foolish attitude or perception towards life, and nothing else.
  • You cannot take your parents for granted and expect every time they will save you from the stressful situations; time will come when you have to deal with it all by yourself. There comes the role of great personalities also known as ‘teachers’. You can evade the problems with your intelligence and knowledge gained with their help.

How to develop that relationship?
The relationship can be developed by adopting following measures by a student.

  • Attentive:

The student must pay attention to whatever subject or topic, the teacher is going along with. By paying attention, a student not only gets bundles of information but also show the respect towards the teacher.

  • Responsive:

Whenever the teacher asks questions, try to be the first person, to answer. Make sure that the competition remains healthy and do not end up answering questions asked for others.

  • Participative:

Participation has always been an essential tool in developing a close relationship between teachers and students. Participation in quiz contests and extracurricular activities can make you famous as well.

  • No flattering:

Never try to flatter your tutor, as they have got way more experience than you. He or she has already crossed your age, and they are aware of the intentions behind it. For example, do not speak in a cheesy manner just before exams or results; do not try to impress teachers by giving them expensive gifts or bouquets.

  • No extra-doing things:

A sincere pupil should always keep this thing in mind that one should do only what the teacher has asked for, this is what we call smartness. The moment you start doing things which you are not asked you end up being an over smart kid, which leaves a negative impression.
A short incident will explain it better. When I was in high school, a guy joined much after the beginning of a session. His grades were not at all impressing in the first semester, but his consistency and hard work took him to the second position. The outstanding performance was appreciated by most of the students and teachers around but at the same time, his progress was a sign of rivalry for the topper. The frightened and anxious topper put all that he had, for the next semester and also adopted every possible way to sustain the position. Over smartness and extra-doing did not go well, and he lost the battle, ending at the 10th position.
The relationship works effortlessly when there is a win-win situation for both, students and teachers. That means tutors are equally responsible for maintaining the cordial relationship.
A tutor also needs to consider some measures towards relationship building.

  • Empathetic attitude:

The instructor must show the ability to share its student’s feeling and emotions as if they were own. If a teacher fails to understand student’s thought process, there will be no concrete solutions for the problems.

  • Uniform attention:

When a large number of students are listening to the same lecture, it is the duty of the tutor to deliver uniform attention to every single child in the class. There will be a wide variety of difference in intellect; it is going to vary from child to child. Thus, paying equal attention, while teaching will help in pointing out the weaker candidates.

  • Teaching with interest:

A tutor must teach with a passion because that eventually brings interest in the particular subject for the students. Education without any interest will eventually make it boring, and the child will run away from the subject.

  • Handling situations:

Many times it happens that one student is not cordial with another. Group dominance prevails a lot among them. Here comes the role of a teacher. She should handle these situations calmly and in a good diplomatic way. Interruption by students is quite common in large classes, but a teacher should not get irritated and work peacefully.

  • Planning some activities:

Planning fun activities is a great way to develop a healthy relationship between tutor and pupils. Be it indoor or outdoor, there is a vast scope of interaction which creates a positive bond amongst them.

  • Being impartial:

Showing impartiality towards the students is a great virtue. This attitude even draws a student towards the tutor and the child listens to his or her teacher. Giving chances to every student, calling out their names evenly leaves a good impression on the teacher.

  • The increasing latency period for students:

Generally tutors have a tendency to expect a good and a detailed answer from the student who is good in studies. If a question is asked to a bright student, then the teacher automatically develops a patience level to listen to him/her even more. This behavior is an excellent thing, and it should be increased, practiced with other students too. The latency period is the time when a teacher gives a student time to answer a particular question.

  • Motivating students:

Telling children that they capable of performing well is a booster for them. Throwing positive expectations towards pupils enhance their confidence. Pointing out fruitful and past positive examples, successes and achievements make a child understand that the tutor values him or her.

  • Correcting a student:

A child is bound to make mistakes, and a tutor has the duty of correcting them. But correcting mistakes in a right manner is also an important issue. Privacy of the child must be maintained. Every student has his or her sentiments and emotions. Each one of them reacts differently. So, it is best to correct them privately in order not to hurt their egos. Showing frustration towards a child is a big no-no. This negative attitude will hamper the mutual relationship.
Developing a cordial relationship between a tutor and his/her students is paramount in today’s time. Giving homework to students in schools and colleges has amplified various times over the past few years. This thing has led to an increase in the need for a cordial connection between pupils and tutors. Do not make them lose their threshold of patience by performing nuisance.
Teachers do not have any personal grudges against their students until and unless there is something from the pupil’s side. Just make sure that there is not any annoyance from your side. Relationships are always a two end string which needs to be grasped from both ends to make it taut. If any one of the sides gets loosened then, the whole string loses its firmness and beauty.
So, it is necessary that things should remain positive and beautiful from your side to make your relationship with your tutor cordial.