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How to Know When Your Kids Need Study Help

by Oct 14, 2016Homework Solutions

The most important teacher for your kids is no one but you. That’s right; kids learn everything from parents, right from table manners to greeting a visitor. So it is necessary for you as a parent to be consciously aware of this.
Although kids are all the same, their perception about school and studies are all different. While some kids are obedient and blessed with good studying habit, others are fun loving and careless.
It’s not that one is better than the other;it’s just that education is the most important seed of life and you as a great parent can help your kids become successful in their future early on by helping them maintain good study habits.
One of the most helpful tip that I can offer as piece of advice is that you have to make your kids believe that education/studying is fun and not set a notion or a misconception that it is challenging or difficult.
So if your kids start out with this positive belief that studying and education is fun and easy, then the chances are that your kids will do great in their high school and college. So, you have to be responsible enough in taking this primary and the most vital step.
Kids usually don’t express their feelings especially when they are in a state of discomfort or trouble. So it is very necessary that you as a responsible parent should try and understand the clues which might indicate that your child is having trouble with coping up with studies.
Although your kids might not speak up to you with what is it that is troubling in their studies, you have to be smart enough in figuring out their problems. I totally understand that many of us are not born to be super moms or dads, but at least we can put out efforts right?
Like your children, you also need help in figuring out if your dear ones are having trouble with their studies. I’ve given some tips below to figure out if your kids are having a tough time with their studies and I’ve also mentioned different ways in which you can help your kids.
Behavioural pattern
Look out for this as it is one of the most important signs that you can get if your children is troubled with their study and needs help. As a caring parent, no one but you will be familiar with the behaviour and nature of your children.
Keep a track of their mood before they go to school, after they come from school and when they do their homework. Young kids are very straight forward; they show what they are concerned about. If you children are happy about going to school and maintaining a daily study routine, then there is no such thing to worry about. However, if your kids don’t seem happy about the prospect of going to school and the whole studying thing, then they might be troubled with something or the other.
The first thing to look out for is to find out that whether your kids are not being able to cope up with what is being taught in school. If it is so, then this problem is common and perfectly normal.
What you can do to solve this problem is that you can go through what it is that your child is finding difficult to understand. Sort out the matter and explain to them by adding fairy tale-like stories or real life examples.
Another signs to look out for is to note if your child is not willing to study, do homework or even go to school. If they want a break for a day or a two, then don’t keep a tunnel vision and give them a break.
If nothing works even after doing so, then the problem must lie within the school, the friends circle and teachers. So try rectifying this problem by monitoring your child’s behaviour in school and interaction with the teachers.
The best thing to do is to keep a healthy relationship with your child’s teachers to know how your children react in classes. You can keep a note of how friendly the teachers and the whole environment of the school is.
Not all are the same
It is important for you to understand that your kids may or may not be the next Einstein. Everybody is unique and therefore has a unique ways of grasping and processing new information.
If your kids are not able to cope up with the school, it might so happen that they are slow learners, and there’s nothing wrong in that. Albert Einstein used to get poor grades in school and even fail and was considered a poor student. But later on, he went to propose the theory of relativity.
So if your kids fail to cope up with what they are being taughtin school, you can be their mentors and give a special guidance or hire a tutor. Hiring a personal tutor would be the best thing to do for your child’s convenience.
Motivation is the best way to make your children be interested towards their studies. You can motivate them by several ways. You can give those rewards for doing well in their tests and exams, you can take them to inspiring movies and field trips, you can give examples of their heroes of how they’ve studied hard and become successful and many more.
So finishing up this thought, whatever you do for your children, just be smart and careful.