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How to Get Good Marks in Exams? It’s Truly Easier Than You Imagine

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

How to get good marks in exams? Do you have a similar question in mind? I have a friend who was once obsessed with getting highest marks. But that resulted insecuring poor grades only. Later, she consulted with her teacher and came up with some easy way outs.
The first and most important step towards success is to believe that you can.Panic and fear will only worsen the problem.Have faith in yourself. If you possess enough willpower,take smooth steps towards progress, and you will succeed.
Now the major part –How to get good marks in exams?

  1. By doing homeworks:

Didn’t match up to your expectation, right? Buthomeworks do have their beneficial side. These tasks help you prepare for the nearest examination. Check out the other benefits of homework:

  1. Helps in skill development:

The projects that your teacher assigns help you develop research skills and knowledge. You will have your own analytical view required to write the exam paper.

  1. Practice can lead to perfection:

Another reason why teachers assign homeworks is to make you practice at home. Until you revise what have been taught in class, you are bound to forget the whole stuff. That’s not how to get good marks in exams.

  1. Gives you a clear concept:

First-time discussion in class may not give you a clear idea about a particular topic. Once you sit with the assignment, you have toresearch on the subject ultimately enhancing your knowledge. In case you have any query, discuss with your teacher in the next class.No student can secure good marks if he or she has little idea about the subject.

  1. Assistance from parents:

Your guardians are usually unaware of what you are doing in class. With home tasks, they get engaged with it and can guide you to secure fair marks.

  1. Habit formation:

Donating time for study every day is a must for every student. One day skip means you stay two steps behind your fellow mates. To succeed or secure good marks, you should always possess advanced idea. Doing homework’s regularly on time works as this habit formation, resulting in progress and development.

  1. Do not procrastinate: “Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.”

You should always do your work regularly. There is no shortcut to success. Keeping any work for the next day will never reduce your pressure; rather increase the workload. Even when there is no homework for the day, make it a habit to regularly do your study. You can stay a step ahead.

  1. Follow more guidebooks:

This is perhaps the most recommended point on how to get good marks in exams. Students generally read textbooks which are important. But to secure good grades, you need to gather extra knowledge on a particular topic. Expand your ideas and write those in your copy. Your teacher will be impressed with your and alertness and studiousness.

  1. Write to-the-point answers:

In exam, don’t write irrelevant things to make stories. Trust me; thatis not going to fetch you marks, atleast, I couldn’t. What helped me was to write directlythat has been asked for. Your teachers don’t want mere stories to give you those extra numbers. They want exact answers to their questions. Additionally, you can give latest information or some relevant points.

  1. Above all, you should be optimistic:

If a student keeps on thinking – “It’s too tough; I cannot do it,” how is he supposed to do that ultimately? So, for securing good grades, you should be willing to achieve first. Your optimism will work as afuelfor driving you ahead.
Never do these:
Before or during the examination, there are certain things that you should avoid. That is how to get good marks in exams. Go ahead to know.

  • What most students do is stay awake till late the previous night. If you do the same, don’t! Students should take sound sleep before any exam.
  • Do not have any food just before sitting for the examination.
  • Try to avoid eating heavy food 3 hours before It will make you feel lazy and sleepy.
  • Use your time carefully. Don’t waste it on playing computer games or something else.
  • Do you have this very common habit of revising at the exam hall? If yes, that is never going to bring you good numbers. Reading at the exam hall or just before the test makes you forget all the previously learned
  • Keep your exam copy as much clean as possible. Don’t overwrite; it creates a bad impression.
  • Needless to say, cheating is the worst habit, and it will only lower your confidence level. Taking help from others can also eat up precious time giving you probably incorrect solutions. May be, you had the correct answer.
  • Also, never try helping others. You will again kill your own time.

You might wonder why this point again. See, the fact is you cannot avoid it. If you are scared, then that’s the brutal truth. The extra works assigned for home prepares you for everything. If you are searching for how to get good marks in exams; yet don’t want to do assignments, here is an alternate solution, however. You can get rid of this project trouble by completing it quickly.  Want to know how do I finish my homework really fast? Read on.
Exercising helps
You should be energetic and be in your best form to sit for the examination. Make a little effort of exercising daily. This habit will help open your brain cells circulating more blood into the mind and body. Your memorizing power and consciousnesswill be stronger. Meditation increases your concentration which is very essentialto focus. You can practice that too. Make sure you are running through the proper methods.
If you have scored poor marks in the previous examination, don’t get disappointed.
“It’s never too late to be what you might have been” – George Elliot
Start afresh from where you have stopped. Only that is how to get good marks in exams. Another ‘don’t’ – Do not forget to share your success story with us.Happy exams!