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How to Get Accurate Destruction of Accounting Records Homework Answers?

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

Companies may have a policy of destructing accounting records based on guidelines. The date for destroying document and responsible department should take steps for destroying records. There are approved methods of destroying data, and this is done to ensure that confidential and financial sensitive data do not reach any fraudulent hands.

Records should be maintained for a period as per legal requirements, and there is a policy of disposal, and that would be followed by companies. With destruction of accounting records, homework answers manuals students can get a better idea of this topic.

Reason for destroying documents

  • Companies may go for digital storing of documents and may feel that paper storage is risky and space consuming. They would create or transfer records in paper format to digital format and take back up and proceed for destroying the paper document.
  • Companies may feel that past data records of more than a stipulated years is not needed and would like to destroy it. There would be sensitive information regarding company policies, company meetings minutes, company financial data and destroying these data would take more time to avoid data spilling.
  • Properly selecting of shredding companies is an important task for companies as they have to ensure that data do not reach the hands of competitors. There are companies that are capable of destroying digital records.
  • Digital records need to be destroyed in a manner that no retrieval of data is possible using any software. Paper data once shredded cannot be retrieved is also a misconception and digital data should be destroyed by giving a contract to the professional company. There were instances in which shredded papers were reconstructed, and sensitive data were leaked.
  • Pulping is a method of destroying paper data, and it is found to be highly advantageous in ensuring that paper data is destroyed. Documents that are pulverized need to go pulping method to make sure that data is not retrieved.

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