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How to Enhance the Vocabulary Stock of Your Child in Easy Steps?

by Sep 17, 2016Assignment Help

Vocabulary stock is very important for children. However, this is very important for people to make the suitable environment for their kids so that they can easily work and give time to enhance their vocabulary part. What are the ways to enhance the vocabulary stock? Do you have any knowledge about that? Anyone can enhance the vocabulary part to get good score in English. It is also important for a person to understand that how to arrange the time in a proper way to enhance the vocabulary stock by going through the different available sources.
Here are some points that can easily give you the most accurate way to develop your vocab –

  • Underline the difficult words from your story books –

You just require underlining the words of a story which seems difficult for you to understand. You must write it in a different notebook or diary to make a proper stock of words. Reading stories and novels not only give you an exact way to use vocabulary, but enhance the interest, so you could easily know this through “How to inculcate good reading habits after school hours?”

  • Note the words from your study books –

You can also get a number of words in your study books which are completely different by its mean when added to some particular circumstances. Basically, you can confuse when the word is related with the poem or some other particular situation of a story. You should stock all words at a place to increase its number along with the proper meaning and used in sentence to have an exact way of using it in future.

  • Write the synonyms –

You should have the proper synonyms in your notebook. Write synonyms of simple words and you will get some new words that can easily increase your vocabulary. So, try to learn synonyms as much as you can.

  • Thesaurus hunt –

You can easily increase your word stock by going through the thesaurus of different words. You must know that thesaurus can easily increase your ability of learning words along with its perfect use. It explains the word grammatically. So, you can easily understand that how thesaurus is important for the children.

  • Keep a dictionary at home –

A lot of words are there which are not clear by its meaning and its use. You must keep a dictionary. So, it is always advised that hunt the dictionary to find out the exact meaning of a word. You must learn it and write it in the notebook to increase the number of words. If you are a student, then you know its importance, but for the kids their parent must help them in finding out the different words.

  • Learn at least 5 words in a day –

Learning 3-5 words from dictionary or book is not very difficult. So, when you learn a few words 2 or 3 or 5, you must write those words in the dictionary to increase the number of words in your stock. So, it is very difficult for you to make the things perfect as well as convenient for you.

  • Read as many books you can –

Undoubtedly, this is the most perfect way of developing the vocabulary skill in students. You can easily get that if you read different kinds of book, you can easily get word stock. Try to develop this reading habit and you will surely achieve the best you desire.

  • Talking to the different people –

If you create the suitable environment for your child through which he gets a nice environment of talking with the people, then he can easily learn some new words. Just think that each person has some different ways of talking through which your children can easily get some new words.

  • Mixed up with different children and make a proper competition for stories and jokes –

If you are the guardian who desires to get proper vocabulary stock for your children, then arrange gathering of children where they can share their view related to a topic, or story or joke. As much as they share the things, your child as well as you can increase the vocabulary stock. Try to give permission to play in the group for an hour daily, so that they can talk a lot to get the perfect word bank along with their enjoyment.

  • Go with the root words –

You can easily get that if you go with the Latin prefix or some Greek words which are the root words mainly, then you can easily notice your increase knowledge of vocabulary. So, find some new words through roots. This will enhance your knowledge as well as word stock.

  • Get new words while creating projects and writing report in MS word –

Do you know that computer has excellent stock of words? When you write anything in MS word, you can easily replace some difficult word or simple words through synonyms option. So, you have a nice way to develop your word stock. Besides there are several professional websites by which you can easily get the meaning of ant tough word.

  • Read newspaper –

One of the most accurate ways of increasing the vocabulary stock is reading newspaper. This is very important for people as well as student to read newspaper for collecting words.

  • Try to write new word and go through it once daily –

Whenever you get any new word, through talking, newspaper, books or others, you can easily get the best solution of making stock by writing it in a notebook. But, the most important thing to remember those words by reading them every day.

  • Speech in television –

If you listen any speech, and you know that this is understandable for your child, then call him to sit beside you to go through the speech. This will not only increase the knowledge of what is happening in the country or world, but different new words will be there to give a proper word stock.
Now, you can easily understand that how to enhance the vocabulary stock. If you make suitable environment for your kids, then he or she will surely develop his knowledge of getting vocabulary stock. So, give time as a friend and help your kids in collecting new words.