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How to Do Homework When Tired: Learn Feasible Tactics

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

A recent survey shows that topics such as how to do homework when tired or how to complete homework without getting distracted or how to finish homework when you don’t want to, are the frequently goggled on the internet. With an entire day of school, extra class and other recreational activity, the daunting task of doing homework is left until late in the evening. Most of the students drained out of energy by then, drag themselves half heartedly to sit in front of their books.
This article primarily deals with the topic of how to do homework when tired. Home work is the schoolwork which a pupil is required to do at home or simply put, an extension of the work done in class. Home work has been associated with the school curriculum as long as one can remember. Some scientists believe that the concept of homework was introduced by Roberto Nevilis, a school teacher from Italy in CE 1095.
How to do homework when tired?
The following steps mentioned would definitely guide you to right from the start to the finish of how to do homework when tired. They are time tested and practical methods:-

  1. Positive attitude:

Take a deep breath and chuck out all negative thoughts out of the window. Inspire yourself with ‘you can do it’ motto. Remember, doing homework will help you to acquire a good grade.

  1. Remove distractions:

Keep aside all forms of distractions – your phone, magazines anything that may cause you to stop from what you are doing to have a look. This will only divide your attention. Your task will take a longer time to finish and begin feeling pressurized. Also, you will be unable to enjoy that favorite article or a joke sent to you by your BFF due to this pressure.

  1. Give equal priority to each topic:

Certain topics handed to you as homework may seem irrelevant and out of scope of your study material. These assignments are often the ones that are given the least priority and handed over with just little effort. But remember, no information ever goes waste. They may seem pointless at the time but who knows, may come in use in the future.

  1. Chalk out a time table:

A time table proves to be a life saver when it comes down to how to do homework when tired. It saves the brain from thinking extra,with questions like ‘When do I start with my work?’ Choose beforehand when to begin. You could either begin right away after coming back from school or later in the evening after some rest or maybe a nap. Maintain this timing every day, incorporating homework in your daily routine.

  1. Time limit is a must:

Never begin your homework without first deciding when to finish it. Starting without time limit is like taking half a day to walk to school just 2 blocks away. Setting time limit improves your efficiency and helps completing in time. This leaves you with the time to do things that you love.

  1. Organize before you finally start:

Gather every stationary that you will be requiring – pen, pencil, rubber, geometry box, extra sheets etc. before sitting down. Getting up in between to search for them each time when required, causes unnecessary delay and also breaks the continuity.
How to keep going?
It has been truly said that all well that ends well. Therefore, it is very important maintain this stride, that you so meticulously began without getting distracted.

  1. Do it in small parts:

How do you eat? Do you gulp it down whole in to your mouth? Well, don’t do it because if you do, you might choke or end up with a tummy ache the next day. Instead, we eat in small potions, chewing it properly. Same is the case with your homework. Instead of trying to finish the homework in one go, it is always better to divide it into smaller segments. It helps maintain focus and also keeps sluggishness at bay.

  1. Make a list:

List all the segments you just made above. Strike them off as soon as you are done with each part. As the list grows smaller and smaller, your smile grows bigger and bigger. This gives you a big boost of the much needed positive energy.

  1. Reward yourself:

On successful completion of a task, reward yourself with a pat on your back or by taking a slightly longer break or with a 5minute extra Facebook time after homework completion. You could also have a snack in case you are hungry. However, be careful when offering yourself food, as a treat. If left unchecked, could lead to unnecessary snacking, and too much eating of Junk food causes obesity. Have something healthy like frozen yoghurt or nuts etc.

  1. Say no to social media during study hours:

In case your assignment does require you to use the internet, swear in on your honor to not open your mailbox till the task is completed. This also includes refraining oneself from checking FaceBook or Instagram notifications.

  1. Keep your study area clean:

Oh yes! One of the important factors to how to do homework when tired is to clear the study table. Having too many things on and near your table does have a negative impact on you. Neuroscientists at Princeton University carried out tests to study performance of people in an organized versus disorganized environment. They found out that physical clutter lead to poor performance and an increase in stress.

  1. Group study:

Study with a friend who does well in school at least once or twice a week.  He/ She can provide you with any help if need arises. Also studying together helps in sticking to the time table.

  1. Take short timed breaks:

Doing a task continuously without gaps brings down your efficiency. Taking well timed gaps cools and freshens up the brain and the eyes and revs you up for the next round. If you are doing your homework when tired, then a break after a 15 to 20 minute study is a must. In fact, if you learn the factors regarding how long should you do homework before taking a break. That would certainly be helpful for all of you.
The key element for successful completing your homework with ease is to do them on time, as soon as they are handed over. This is because the topics stay fresh in your mind, having been covered in class that very day. Understanding topics becomes easy, work is done faster. Now you know how to do homework when tired.